SI Shakespearean Theatre Presents Troilus & Cressida, Next Weekend; Free Admission

Troilus & Cressida by William Shakespeare. September 10, 11, 17 & 18 at 2:00pm

Set in approximately 1918, this production of Troilus & Cressida imagines princes as biplane pilots and begins in the late stages of the stagnant First World War. The nation-city of Troy is besieged by Greek armed forces intent on sacking the city and returning Helen to her husband Menelaus, brother to the Greek commander Agammemnon. Years previously, the Trojan prince Paris led a successful expedition to abduct Helen, renowned for her beauty and charisma, and the two live as lovers in Troy as war rages around them.

The play follows two primary plots: in Troy, Paris’ brother Troilus has asked Pandarus to facilitate an introduction to the older man’s niece Cressida. The romance that follows is complicated almost immediately after consummation, as Cressida is offered to the Greeks in exchange for an important captured Trojan warrior. The Greek camp is preoccupied with convincing Achilles, their greatest and most vain warrior, to return to battle. In this relative lull, the chivalrous and powerful Trojan prince Hector attempts to reignite the conflict by challenging any Greek to defend the honor of his lady in single aerial combat.

Banner Image: Troilus & Cressida flyer. Image Credit – SIST

Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre

Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre Company presents the works of Shakespeare, and other classical theatre, in ‘site-specific’ locations, to provide an environmental theatrical experience. Dedicated to the cultural enrichment and education of the borough and beyond, SIST strives to illuminate the universal and lasting relevance of the classics for contemporary audiences. Since 1975 the mission of Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre (SIST) is to bring high quality Shakespearean, classical, and original theatre to the residents of Staten Island, and to provide an artistic opportunity for the actors, directors and designers who have chosen to make that community

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