ACF Presents 17 Museums Collaboration: Sustainable Development Goals Museums as Pioneers of Social, Environmental and Economic Development A Manual by ICOM Austria


presentation of publication
17 Museums x 17 SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals
Museums as Pioneers of Social, Environmental and Economic Development
A Manual by ICOM Austria

Join the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum New York for a celebration on the occasion of the publication of:

“17 Museums x 17 SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals”


The Agenda 2030 pursued by the United Nations through the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) envisages a world in which every individual can live a dignified and fulfilling life, a world that ensures the planet’s survival through responsible consumption and sustainable growth, and a world without hunger, poverty, injustice and inequality. It is an agenda for the sustainable economic, social and environmental transformation of our society. In that regard, the seventeen SDGs are an ambitious call to us all, at both the individual and institutional level, to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet so as to safeguard our future potential.


But how can museums promote awareness through art and culture of an environmentally sound and just society? The 17×17 initiative is designed to demonstrate that museums take the SDGs seriously and can contribute to their implementation. It aims at awareness-raising and visibility, both internally with respect to the museum staff themselves and externally with respect to the public, in other words the visitors and stakeholders. It makes accessible to as many people as possible the vision by the international community of an optimistic future for all in the field of culture since museums and art institutions are important societal actors with a wide impact and it strengthens relationships with internal and external stakeholders and communities through information, discourse, lobbying and a common language and aims.


With the support of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of the Republic of Austria, this publication now can be presented to a broad international audience in an English edition.


Presentation of publication “17 Museums x 17 SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals”
Elke Kellner, Managing Director, ICOM Austria
Doris Rothauer, Bureau for Transfer

Reception to follow.

Find more information about the initiative here

Banner Image: Presentation flyer. Image Credit – ACF



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