Opinion: Bike Lanes, Street Redesigns Terrible For Drivers, Pedestrians And Cyclists!

I drive in this area, this traffic change is the worst thing ever!

Traffic is terrible and these folks on bikes, e-scooters, and dirt bikes are hitting and hurting people.
I know two people personally who will suffer with life-long injuries because of people not following the rules riding these nuisance vehicles.

One of them is a 14 year old child! The other is an adult who was hit by an e-scooter and now has a broken wrist and lost two of their front teeth!

Why are these people being given a place to ride, while automobile owners have to get a license, insurance and pay for inspections.
When and if we hit one of these reckless vehicle users or they hit our cars how will we be compensated?
The people driving with forged license plates are a big enough problem, now we have these people who are NEVER held accountable for not following the rules of the road. As a voter and taxpayer I’m once again being violated by the clueless Democrats. Mind you I’m a registered Democrat!
I’ve been to Amsterdam, it’s a bike and alternative vehicle city. New York is not. Especially with overdevelopment.

I’m not mad at you, but the powers that be. Have a nice day.

Banner Image: Citi bikes. Image Credit – Jay Joshi


  • Avatar DE says:

    Yeah, let me bike around our 60-square-mile island all week long.

    Face it: You need a car to live on SI, unless you’re on the North Shore by Forest Avenue or something….

  • Avatar 37Ball, Corner Pocket says:

    This is a plot by the LEFTIES to get cars off the road. It’s a multi-pronged program. They are winning. Soon you won’t even have a BQE,. They want to tear it up for…equity? Huh?

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