Audre Lorde Project Seeks Interim Executive Director

The Audre Lorde Project is reaching out to you with a request to support us in our search for an Interim Executive Director. The Interim Executive Director position is an administrative role that requires a command of organizational financial management, fundraising, and stellar management skills. We ask that applicants have at least 5 years of experience with the day-to-day operations of community-based organizations emphasizing a strong background in fundraising and financial oversight.

The Interim Executive Director will be a manager, thought partner, and strategist within ALP. They will model ALP’s principles by recognizing the full diversity of LGBTSTGNC people of color and their collective histories of struggle, work across differences to implement culturally specific and impactful programs, uplift our coalition partnerships, promote the work of our comrades, and ensure that ALP is truly a member-led organization.

Do you, or someone you know fit this description? Please submit applications electronically via our BambooHR job posting page. Please include a résumé, three references and a cover letter (not to exceed 3 pages) highlighting organizational development, fundraising, and financial management experience. Please share this request widely to help us find the perfect candidate

Banner Image: ALP logo. Image Credit – ALP

Audre Lorde Project

The Audre Lorde Project is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color community organizing center, focusing on the New York City area.

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