Digital Humanism – Shaping Transformation Panel Discussion At Austrian Cultural Forum Tomorrow


INVITATION: THURSDAY, November 10th, 7pm Panel Discussion on Digital Humanism

Join us for a conversation and some Austrian wine at the reception afterwards

DIGITAL HUMANISM – SHAPING TRANSFORMATION: Is the ‘digital world’: open, fair, diverse, sustainable, democratic?

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed our world in recent decades. Human development has always happened via disruptions and radical changes, as triggered by groundbreaking technical developments, natural disasters or even wars. Today, technical developments open up unprecedented opportunities, but also risks. They challenge us as a society, question our view of humanity and our values and agreements. Knowledge transfer and knowledge dissemination must therefore be democratic and participatory as well as interdisciplinary and transnational in order to meet the challenges we are facing as a society. Above all, however, it also requires discourse on a broad societal level, because these developments affect us all. Nothing less than ‘being human’ is at stake. But what does that mean in the age of Artificial Intelligence?
Come and join the Viennese Newspaper the Vienna City Libraryand the Austrian Cultural Forum for a thought-provoking panel discussion on November 10th, 7pm, at the Austrian Cultural Forum.


Susanne Keppler-Schlesinger, Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum New York
Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Vienna City Councilor for Science and Culture

Anita Eichinger, Director Vienna City Library

Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Vienna City Councilor for Science and Culture
Edward Lee, Prof. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, University of California, Berkeley
Christine Marizzi, Director of Community Science, BioBus Inc. New York
Anya Schiffrin, Director, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
Gediminas Urbonas, Prof. Art, Culture and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Claudia Wultsch, City University of New York, American Museum of Natural History, ASciNA


Wolfgang Renner, Wiener Zeitung

This event is a cooperation between the Viennese Newspaper, Vienna City Library and the Austrian Cultural Forum New York.

Banner Image: Digital Humanism. Image Credit – Austrian Cultural Forum


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