Park Hill Tenants Hold Rally To Finally Get Housing Issues Addressed



November 16, 2022 (Staten Island, NY) – Almost one full year after a rally aimed at highlighting the terrible living conditions for residents of Park Hill Apartments in Staten Island, community members are once again spotlighting the deteriorating infrastructure of their homes. Since that event, which saw residents complain of living conditions with hazardous mold, rodent infestation, broken elevators, and periods during the winter with no heat, Delshah Capital, the management company for Park Hill has yet to make any serious changes. As residents head into another cold weather season, many are worried how they will fare if there is another lapse in heat, and basic necessities are not addressed.


In a recent inspection from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Park Hill landlord, Michael Shah, promised residents that he would “address the issues in their building.” Despite this promise, no timeline was given for when repairs would be made, nor was there an offer to reimburse tenants for repairs they have made already.

Park Hill protest. Image Credit - Citizen Action of NY

Park Hill protest. Image Credit – Citizen Action of NY

“Park Hill Apartments are being neglected by Michael Shah and it’s unsafe and inhumane for people to be forced to live in these conditions,” said Prince Thomas, president of People United For a Better Park Hill (PUFABPH) and member of Citizen Action of New York. “It’s up to us as neighbors to look out for each other and speak up when something is wrong.”


“Tenants are already held accountable for our actions. It’s time for accountability to go up the chain of command,” said Lakisha Alston, tenant of Park Hill and member of Citizen Action of New York.


Park Hill Apartments are a U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) subsidized complex. The property is owned by Delshah Capital and managed by UniThree Investment Corp, according to reporting in Staten Island Live. The eight-building complex on Park Hill Ave. has a total of 1,114 apartment units, according to Delshah’s website.

Banner Image: Park Hill Protest. Image Credit – Citizen Action of NY

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