The Beauties and Wonders Of Winter

Icy winter flashes stalagmite icicles

Children snow sled on cherry popcicles
Snowman made perfectly
Teens made sure it was sturdy
Snow continues to fall in the falling degrees
Fine grain snow appearing heavenly
Banner Image: Snowflake macro. Image Credit – Aaron Burden

Regal Pistachio

Regal Pistachio, writer, artist, thinker, innovator, trailblazer, meticulously creating visual masterpieces reflecting life and the power of the imagination. In 2022, he rapidly produced serialized stories on Amazon's Kindle Vella platform including: The Golden Age Of Lying, The Wi-Fi, 3 Knocks, Seat Coordinator, The Question Dodger, A Tangerine Is An Orange, Night Mask, Scratch & Pick, Disorganized Comedy, Hotel and Smash Interruption. Regal is currently finishing up the stories : Up Steps, Down Steps and One Shoe. In 2023 be on the lookout for a novel and a comic book.

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