Mayor Eric Adams About Faces, Order Curtis Sliwa, Feral Cats, Off His Property

Mayor ERIC ADAMS  Gives Verbal EVICTION NOTICE to Curtis Sliwa

“Get off my property at 936 Lafayette Ave. I don’t want your feral cats housed on my property,” Adams told Sliwa.

BROOKLYN: After 2 days of sweeping and cleaning debris on MAYOR ERIC ADAMS’ block and scrubbing the steps and patio on ADAMS’ property in preparation for having 2 feral cats housed there to deter the rats who have burrowed into the Mayor’s building, ADAMS, who first welcomed the idea, has shut down the project on his property.

In a phone call to Curtis on Friday night, ADAMS said, “Get off my property at 936 Lafayette Ave. I don’t want your feral cats housed on my property.”

Curtis and Nancy SLIWA and the Guardian Angels will return to ADAMS’ building on Sunday and will reach out to ADAMS neighbors to find someone willing to house the 2 feral cats outdoors.

So, Sunday, Jan 8, from 12 (noon) to 2 PM, outside Mayor Adams’ building, 936 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Abebooks reached out to the Mayor’s neighbors.

Live Streamed at

Banner Image: A Guardian Angel picks up trash near the mayor’s home. Image Credit: Curtis Sliwa

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