Roslyn Hilton Hosts Special Meet & Greet With Sopranos Cast Members, Comedian Fred Rubino, On January 28th


As Al Pacino once exclaimed in Godfather III, “once I am out they pull me back in”, which could ring true for life long fans of one of most popular HBO series ever. This time they are pulled into a different kind of event where they can get up close to the actors they admired for years. This particular event was the “brainchild” of comedian Fred Rubino who first approached actor Rob Funaro ( who played Eugene Pontecorvo) with the idea of setting up the meet and greet.

Rob thought it was a great idea and it mushroomed into involving Federico Castellucio (who played Furio Giunta) and Vincent Curatola (who played Johnny Sacks). The way the event will be arranged is that Fred will do a set of stand-up comedy which will be followed by a Q&A with the actors on stage. Then he will go into the audience and allow them to ask questions themselves. It is a unique concept in a more comfortable private setting.

We are looking to bring this experience to other venues in the northeast and hopefully announcing another show soon,” added Fred. 

The other two catalyst for the gathering is Frank Macri and Jimmy Coniglione who are hosting the event at the Roslyn Hotel on January 28th. Frank has been producing high end comedy shows and fundraisers for about five years now and with Jimmy thought this was a winner event. For both they thought what a better way to bring fans together with the actors in a formal but not so formal atmosphere.

According to Federico this event would not be too much different than others he has been involved with, but he admits it will have some interesting elements. One, being the first time he will do an event with Vince Curatola (Johnny Sack), Robert Funaro (Eugene Potecorvo). The second being that it will be moderated by comedian Fred Rubinio. Federico also shared with us on what he is currently working on.

My most recent film titles that I’ve acted in, are, “The Mick and the Trick” with Peter Green, “Don Q”, with Armand Assante. “Cabrini”, a film on the life of Mother Cabrini, with Giancarlo Giannini, John Lithgow and David Morse, then a short film called “The Stakeout”, which I directed and acted

in, and is now on the festival circuit. I’m co-writing and directing a project called ” Three’s Company Two “, and I’m slated to direct three other independent films starting in late summer of 2023.”

For many fans the character of Johnny Sacks which Curatola plays was always seen as the rock in Tony Soprano’s shoe. Vincent like Federico sees this event in the same style as others but is excited for the addition of the comedy segment and the connection with the fans. Outside of this upcoming event Vincent is busy with a recurring role as a judge on Law & Order and his own acting workshop called Vincent Curatola Acting Workshop ( email at [email protected] ).

One of the key motivators besides Fred Rubino was as we mentioned earlier, Rob Funaro. Rob is excited to take part in this event that he feels fans will enjoy since it is up close and personal where other events are not so informal. Even though his character, Eugene Pontecorvo did not last as long as he would have liked he has earned many fans because of it. Currently, he is working on his own project entitled “Handsome Jimmy” written by Tom Kelly. But his favorite place to show off his work is in theatre. He is planning on being a part of two plays one with fellow Sopranos actor, Vincent Pastore called “Marlon Brando Sat Here” which he will play the character Biggie, and the other play is called “View from a Bridge”.

This will be a memorable event with the line-up they are offering and addition of the comedy segment. For more info on this event look into the link below.

Banner Image: Event Flyer. Image Credit – Roslyn Hotel

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