Controversial Battery Storage Site Cancelled Due To Community Pushback, Local Pols Asm. Pirozzolo, Rep. Malliotakis, Cm. David Carr, Asm. Michael Reilly


Battery Storage Site Cancelled

A statement by Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo (R,C-Staten Island), Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn), New York City Councilman David Carr (R-Staten Island) and New York State Assemblyman Michael Reilly (R,C – Staten Island) on the withdrawal of the application to develop a Battery Energy Storage System at Our Lady of Pity on Richmond Avenue.

In light of strong legislative & community opposition, New York State Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, New York City Councilman David Carr, and New York State Assemblyman Michael Reilly are thrilled to announce that New Leaf Energy, has withdrawn their application to install a Battery Energy Storage Site on the grounds of Our Lady of Pity on Richmond Avenue, surrounded by six schools

Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo said “I want to thank our local leaders for stepping forward to oppose this. Special thank you to Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, Councilman David Carr and other community leaders for their passion and efforts to see that this project was defeated. Although these facilities are beneficial to our distribution grid, due to risk of fire and exposure to toxic chemicals. This has NO place in school or residential zones. This project lacked concern for public safety and common sense, and my office will always stand up to protect their children and neighborhoods. I will move forward with introducing legislation at the state level to prevent these situations from occurring in sensitive zones in the future.”

“While the battery storage facilities may be the future of energy infrastructure, they don’t belong in residential communities. The plan to place one at Our Lady of Pity’s parking lot was inappropriate. I’m pleased New Leaf has rescinded its proposal and I will continue to support Assemblyman Pirozzolo’s efforts to stop others from potentially hazardous placement in our community.” Said Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis


Councilman David Carr added “Battery Energy Storage Systems are an important new technology that could enhance our energy infrastructure, but we have to find the right places to site them. The community made clear that this was not the right place, and I credit New Leaf and Our Lady of Pity for heeding their voice. I especially want to thank Assemblyman Sam Pirozzolo for hitting the ground running on Day One and being a champion for Bulls Head and the neighborhoods concerns.’

“If there’s one thing that stands true about development of any kind on Staten Island, it’s that the local community must have a seat at the table from the very beginning.  I hope that New Leaf and other companies that are looking to be involved in this emerging market prioritize the community’s input before closing on deals to place future battery sites,” said Assemblymember Michael Reilly.  “It’s clear that, under current building regulations, these sites can be constructed without community input or with much oversight, which is why I plan on co-sponsoring Assemblyman Pirozzolo’s legislation to prohibit the placement of these sites in the heart of residential communities, and especially near our schools.”

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Assemlymember Sam Pirozzolo

Sam Pirozzolo is a native Staten Islander. He is a frequent contributor to the Staten Islander, and is well-known and loved by people on both the Right and Left, in his North Shore community. Sam brings people together, instead of dividing, by speaking common sense and analyzing our island's, and city's, issues, with intelligence and concern for all. Sam Pirozzolo was elected to the New York State Assembly on November 8, 2022. The 63rd Assembly District represents parts of Richmond County. Sam has successfully operated his family’s optical practice for 33 years. He is the past president of Community Education Council 31 where he served for seven years. Some of his most notable accomplishments include the creation of a Gifted and Talented program for middle school students, the recommendation for the NYC Department of Education to hire retired police officers as school resource officers, and the successful fight for the immediate cleanup of toxic PCBs leaking from the light fixtures in school classrooms. As an education advocate, Sam has participated in historic litigation that led to the return of more than $4 billion to New York public schools. He also fought to ensure that co-located charter schools receive the same capital funding as their host public schools. While serving in the Legislature, Sam will work to support law enforcement officers with proper funding, fix broken bail and parole policies, and help small businesses grow and thrive in a stronger, more resilient economy.

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