Sen. Andrew Lanza Partners Again With Project Renewal’s Scan Van To Provide Free Mammography Screenings, Clinical Exams To Uninsured Staten Islanders This March, June


Editor’s Note: We reached out to the Project Renewal’s ScanVan program for more details about the insurance coverage policy for those seeking mammograms from the ScanVan.  All uninsured patients are fully covered for this service by Project Renewal.  For those with insurance, Project Renewal will bill the patient’s insurance company for the cost of the mammogram, and any portion not paid by the insurance company will be paid for by ScanVan.  There is NO out-of-pocket expense for this service for anyone, whether insured or uninsured.  Billing insurance for the service acts as an additional source of funding for the charity providing this mammography service, so if your insurance company pays them for the service, this allows them to offer the program to more patients that would like the screening.  An additional date was also shared, which is below.  

Dear Neighbor,

I continue my long-standing partnership with Project Renewal’s Scan Van Program to provide free mammography screenings and clinical breast exams to women across Staten Island. While great strides have been made in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer – and many diagnosed with the disease are living long, healthy lives – the fight against this deadly disease is far from over.

Sadly, breast cancer remains the second leading cause of death among women in New York State, and until the cure is found, the best tool in the fight against breast cancer is education and early detection. A mammogram can detect breast cancer almost 24 months before it can be manually detected, facilitating earlier diagnosis and treatment, which increases the chance of survival.

ScanVan is the country’s first mobile mammography and radiology clinic for homeless and uninsured adults.  ScanVan provides clinical breast exams, mammograms, tuberculosis (TB) tests, and health education to homeless and low-income men and women.  We visit homeless shelters, drop-in centers, and street-side locations in all five boroughs of New York City.

The Scan Van will be located at my District Office and at the Staten Island Mall. To register please call (646) 415-7932.

As always, if you have other questions, please contact my office at (718) 984-4073.  Registration is required.


Senator Lanza’s District Office

3845 Richmond Avenue, Suite 2A

Staten Island, NY 10312


Wednesday March 22nd, 9am-12pm

Wednesday May 24th, 9am – 12pm

Wednesday July 26th, 9am-12pm

Wednesday September 27th, 9am-12pm

Tuesday November 14th, 9am-12pm


Staten Island Mall

2655 Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10314


Saturday March 4th, 9am-4pm

Saturday July 8th, 9am-4pm

Saturday September 9th, 9am-4pm


Richmond County Supreme Court

130 Stuyvesant Place

Staten Island, NY  10301


April 10, 2023 9:00 am – 4:00 pm – JALBCA (Judges & Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert) sponsored event

Banner Image: Scan Van. Image Credit – Project Renewal


Senator Andrew Lanza

Senator Andrew J. Lanza was elected to represent Staten Island’s 24th New York State Senate District on November 7, 2006. As a former New York City Council member, prosecutor, accountant and business owner, Senator Lanza brings extensive public and private experience to the Senate.

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