Bringing the Party to Your Plate: How Hosting Drag Queen Brunches Can Boost Your Restaurant’s Visibility and Sales


Introduction: As a restaurant owner, you know that a lively atmosphere and a diverse crowd can make all the difference in attracting new customers and keeping existing ones coming back. One way to achieve this is by hosting special events, such as drag queen brunches. Not only do these events provide entertainment, but they also offer a unique experience that will make your restaurant stand out in a crowded market. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of hosting drag queen brunches and how they can boost your restaurant’s visibility and sales.

Benefits of Hosting Drag Queen Brunches

Creating a Unique Atmosphere

Hosting drag queen brunches can help to create a unique and exciting atmosphere in your restaurant. The colorful and extravagant drag performances will provide entertainment for your customers, and the fun and light-hearted atmosphere will make your restaurant a destination spot for those looking for something different. This unique atmosphere will attract new patrons and keep existing customers coming back for more.

Reaching a New Audience

Drag queen brunches attract a diverse crowd, including fans of the drag performers and people looking for a unique brunch experience. By hosting these events, you can tap into this new audience and reach customers who might not have otherwise known about your restaurant. This will help to increase your customer base and bring in new foot traffic.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Drag queens have a dedicated fanbase, and they often have a sizable following on social media. By working with drag queens to create unique and eye-catching content for your restaurant’s social media channels, you can increase your online presence and attract new customers. Additionally, the drag queens and their fans will often share pictures and posts about the brunch on their own social media, giving your restaurant additional exposure.

Increased Sales

Hosting drag queen brunches can also lead to an increase in sales. Not only will the entertainment attract more customers, but you can also offer special menu items or drinks inspired by the drag queen’s persona, which will add a unique and exciting element to your brunch menu. Additionally, you can offer special deals or discounts to customers who attend the brunch, encouraging them to come back for more.

Drag Queen Event. Image Credit - Bret Kavanaugh

Drag Queen Event. Image Credit – Bret Kavanaugh


Imagine you own a French restaurant in Manhattan and you want to attract new customers. You can host a Drag Queen Brunch every Saturday, where a local drag queen will entertain your customers while they enjoy their brunch. You can also offer special menu items inspired by the drag queen’s persona, such as a “Divine Omelette” or a “Slay-tini”. This unique and exciting atmosphere will attract customers who are interested in drag culture and French cuisine, and the drag queen’s followers and fans will be curious about your restaurant and will come to check it out.

Conclusion: Hosting drag queen brunches can provide a unique and exciting experience that will make your restaurant stand out in a crowded market. Not only will it create a unique atmosphere, reach a new audience, use social media to your advantage, and increase sales, but it will also bring more foot traffic to your restaurant. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and host a drag queen brunch to boost your restaurant’s visibility and sales.

Banner Image: Drag Queens ready for their event. Image Credit – Bret Kavanaugh


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  • Avatar Malo says:

    I don’t care what you do just don’t bring any kids.

    • Sally The Cat Sally The Cat says:

      …and why not?

      • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

        Yes; I would also like to know “why not.”

        I am a S-tanist. That means I stand up for the underdog, in my understanding of it all. The outlier. The beggar at the door when Abraham rejected him. You know. (Maybe you don’t?)

        So, what have the drag queens done that some of you are imposing LAWS and actual penalties keeping kids away from drag shows? I thought the Right-leaning folks love freedom. That’s where you and I diverge. I actually LOVE freedom, and honors free will. I am a true American. I just don’t think like you. Some on the Right are starting to scare me. Turning authoritarian over some way-old queer entertainment that has been mainstream for generations. Please stop this.

        • CRANK CRANK says:

          If some three-year-old somehow finds their way into a drag queen performance on their own, I think they probably are old enough to attend.

          But being dragged there.. Well,I wouldn’t want to be. And I wasn’t as a kid. And my kids aren’t going to be.

          But this isn’t anything so insane. Get real.

          • Avatar Nonce says:

            dragged there

            I see what you did


          • Avatar Patti S. over in Greak Kills by Armstrong (yes it is I!) says:

            Let parents choose.

            On my end its a no.

            Def def no kiddos with me when I drink.

            Unless it’s the 4th or a BBQ fam backyard SI etc.

        • Avatar Jesso says:

          so you “honors free will” Mr. Imp?

          That sounds like you’re borrowing from Ebonics. Isn’t that cultural appropriation?

          • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:


            I assure you that it was accidental.

            “I actually LOVE freedom, and [missing text] honors free will. ”

            Sorry, but I can’t remember what was inadvertently deleted.

            I can guess??

            I actually LOVE freedom, and the philosohpy I subscribe to honors free will.

            Something like that.

        • Avatar Carter says:

          They are fascists. Don’t be blind.

        • Avatar Happy Christian Saved By Jesus says:

          Since you are a Satan worshiper I need not reply further.

          That says it all.

          • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

            Suit yourself. I dislike judgemental people, anyway.

            So, stay away. Thanks for the tip-off that you were saved by Jesus. I mean, by your judgemental behavior, I think you basically GOT THAT NEEDLE CAMEL THING like covered! No worries, smooth sailing, right?

            Because you said Jesus saved you on a profile on a Staten Island news article, right?

            I think I read Jesus said that people who says Jesus Jesus are fakes? Enlighten me.

        • The Wasp The Wasp says:

          I live sharia in my own life and observe hajib, but to me that just means covering my hair and being modest, as far as outward expression. the rest is not so obvious.

          I do not agree with making laws. Please reconsider this position. Muslims fled nations that had excessive social laws. If you don’t want your kids seeing drag queens, don’t bring them.

          Outlawing entertainment sounds like countries that interpret sharia in a very, very certain way. I hope the U.S. doesn’t follow suit, and end up as a Christian freedomless country.

      • Avatar ...and youre serious? says:

        …and youre serious?

    • Avatar get a life says:

      get a life

  • Avatar Key-Dog says:

    y they always got such big hands? My friend is a DQ and she has manster hands to! WTF?!

    • Avatar DQ Divinia Cheekz says:

      It’s just that you’re used to seeing a more slim form on a cis-gender woman.

      Trust me on that one. THE DQ in my name isn’t for Dairy Queen, Key-Dog.

  • Avatar Cindy Adams (not my real last name) says:

    Well, we saw Scott Lobaido protesting a drag queen story hour at Snug Harbor. I think he is right. That is not appropriate for kids. Brunch is kids time. So if you do this, make it at night and make sure there are no children. I’m Ok with DRAG PERFORMANCES, JUST NO KIDS PRESENT.

  • Avatar Hi IQ says:

    I mean, ifi t’s a kids-free boozy brunch, more power to ya’. But leave the tykes at home. Just like you would for a rated-R movie.

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      No, bring your kids to the boozy brunch. Whether the queens are present or not. Because everyone just wants to hear your brats whining all day. Yes. That’s it.

      Where did you people learn about life? Kids and boozy brunches should not intersect at all. Drag queens or not.

    • Sally The Cat Sally The Cat says:

      Kids can accompany adults to an R-Rated movie. Why can’t parents decide for themselves? This is thinly veiled homophobia. It’s disgusting how the republicans are using this as a backdoor way to hate on LGBTQ people. Really. Why are you soooo involved in how others raise their own kids? I hear it all the time “family values” but you think people on the left are devoid of family values? Get your head examined. You just want to push YOUR ideas YOUR interpretations of Christianity. Im a Christian and no Im not lesbian or bi but c’mon the hate is there. I se it and it is a bad look for you all.

      • Avatar 6066!3 $uCC3$$ says:

        I don’t think it’s a place for kids. But I also think it;’s far from child abuse. To each their own. So far, we aren’t clones yet.

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