Another Year, Another Round Of Budget Cuts Targeting Libraries In NYC, Including Todt-Hill Westerleigh In Staten Island – Stand Up For Your Library


Tell City Hall: Libraries Are For Everyone, Don’t Cut Their Funding

New York City’s public libraries provide free access to knowledge and a welcoming, inclusive space for all New Yorkers, regardless of birthplace, background, or income level. At this critical moment in our city’s history, our mission has taken on a new urgency. But unfortunately, the City has proposed cuts to public library funding that total over $36.2 million dollars.

In one week, I will testify at City Hall to fight these proposed cuts to our funding—but I need your help. Add your name to our list of supporters and tell City Hall: No cuts to libraries!

  • Libraries empower New Yorkers by offering free and open access to books and information.
  • Libraries bring communities together with free programs and events, including enrichment activities for school-aged children.
  • Libraries celebrate the diversity of our city by offering multilingual resources, language classes, and services for new Americans.
  • Libraries level the playing field by providing tech training, job search help, and business advice to all.
As the City continues to recover from the pandemic, libraries have worked to meet the needs of the moment. We’ve reduced financial barriers to our resources by eliminating late fines. Our newly expanded Teen Centers are safe spaces for young people to learn and grow together. And libraries are standing for the right to read freely at a time when censorship is on the rise.

Losing tens of millions in public library funding will severely impact our ability to provide critical services, resources, and programs to our patrons or to stay open for our regular hours. Throughout the city’s recovery, the Library has eliminated late fines, expanded our Teen Centers and services, supported asylum-seekers navigating New York City, and made frequently banned titles available to anyone.

NYPL offers all of this while serving the city with access to books and e-books, job search help, technology assistance, and enrichment activities for school-age kids—all for free.

Will you speak out today and help defend access to our essential programs and services?

Banner Image: Tell City Hall No Cuts To Libraries. Image Credit – NYPL


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