Citizen Action Responds To Judicial Nomination Of Rowan Wilson For Chief Judge Of NY’s Highest Court, Known For Defending Workers, Wrongfully Convicted People, Victims Of Gun Violence



April 11, 2023 (Albany, NY) – Yesterday, Judge Rowan D. Wilson was nominated for Chief Judge of New York’s highest court. Having served six years as an Associate Judge on the Court of Appeals, Judge Wilson’s opinions have articulated, defended, and expanded the rights of workers, wrongfully convicted people, and victims of gun violence. In response to his nomination, Rebecca Garrard, Legislative Director for Citizen Action of New York, had the following to say:

“New York deserves a new Chief Judge who will safeguard our rights, defend democracy and protect our vulnerable community members. Judge Wilson’s record shows his commitment to these fundamental values and to justice.

“His nomination would not have been possible without months of advocacy from a broad coalition of organizations fighting for a fairer New York. We expect the Senate to thoroughly review Judge Wilson’s record, and we hope that our legislators will find him to be as fitting a nominee for Chief Judge as we do.”

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots membership organization with seven regional chapters across New York State. We work on issues important to our communities, including fair elections, equitable school funding, housing for all, environmental justice, and possibilities not punishment.

Banner Image: Washington, D.C. Courthouse. Image Credit – Claire Anderson


Citizen Action Of New York

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots membership organization taking on big issues that are at the center of transforming society by: Ensuring our children have a quality public education no matter their zip code Ending our current system of mass incarceration and establishing a new system of justice Ensuring quality affordable housing for all Fighting for guaranteed quality, affordable health care Taking big money out of politics by creating a fair elections system Aiming to dismantle the historic racist system by promoting racial justice Striving for a more progressive tax system to begin to end the runaway inequality in our state

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