Free AM Radio Access At Risk Of Disappearing As Car Manufacturers Phase Out Critical Communication – Ask Your Reps To Support “AM For Every Vehicle” Act


Free AM Radio Access Under Attack As Outdated By Vehicle Mfgs – But It Provides Critical Communication Necessary In Times Of Crisis
The Pressing Issue Uniting Republicans and Democrats

Two weeks ago, the “AM for Every Vehicle Act” was introduced to the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. This bill not only reaches across party lines, being introduced by Democrat and Republican senators together, but is crucial to the future of AM Radio and Relevant Radio.

Free AM radio in your vehicle is currently at risk as many big-name car manufacturers remove it from their new models, especially in electronic vehicles. Listeners all across the country rely on AM radio for news, weather, sports, the Emergency Alert System, entertainment, and, for Relevant Radio listeners, their community of faith and uplifting, educational Catholic content. AM Radio, says Senator Ed Markey (D, MA), “is a crucial part of our diverse media ecosystem.”

“This is one of the few issues that Republicans and Democrats are in agreement on,” said Preston Allex, CFO of Relevant Radio, on The Drew Mariani Show. “This isn’t about government control of the car industry. This is about requiring safety belts in cars. That’s the equivalent to AM radio in our emergency broadcast system right now.”

AM radio is also an integral part of the EAS (Emergency Alert System). AM radio stations are capable of covering enormous regions of the country and that’s why they’re so effective at serving as PEPs, or designated delivery systems for emergency broadcasts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Weather Service, or other government agencies in times of emergency. Furthermore, this system is so effective because over 50 million people listen to AM radio every week, it’s free, and it’s easy to use.

So, what can you do to protect your access to AM radio? Call your representatives and tell them you support this bill! Many members of Congress might think that AM radio is a dying technology, but Relevant Radio is proof that it isn’t! Our reach and our audience are bigger than ever, and we need your help to keep our medium from being pushed out of this major space for evangelization, news, and public safety.

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    I want AM radio.

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    All about the $$

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