Latest SCOTUS Decision Greenlights Discrimination Against LGBTQ+ People Without Restriction – Citizen Action Responds


Citizen Action Responds to Supreme Court Ruling Permitting Discrimination Against LGBTQ+ People


In response to the Supreme Court ruling this week in the case of 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis, permitting discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, Citizen Action of New York issued the following statement:


“The Supreme Court has sided with bigots and ruled that discrimination against people who are LGBTQ+ is protected. This harmful ruling will have wide-reaching impact, affecting people’s access to housing, employment, and basic necessities—exactly what LGBTQ+ people faced before legal protections against discrimination were passed into law.


“It also tacitly co-signs the rising culture of violence against people based solely on who they are and who they love. This decision is deeply disturbing. We must do everything in our power to protect LGBTQ+ people, especially those living in areas where discrimination is the most prevalent.”

Note: According to a report by the Guardian, the email used as the grounds for her legal standing to take the case to court refers to a person who had never sent an email to her and, most importantly, was not gay and not planning a gay wedding. Legal standing means that a person has been directly affected by something, and it provides them the grounds for a lawsuit. According to the Guardian’s investigation, this business owner did not receive a request to make a website, and she had no grounds on which to base her lawsuit.  The email contained the individual’s name and phone number, and any reporter or attorney could have verified this document.  If the document was found to be inaccurate at any point, the case would have been dismissed.  

Banner Image: LGBTQ pride.  Image Credit – Tünde


Citizen Action Of New York

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