Newark Bay History Boat Tour, 9/11 Tribute On September 10th


Newark Bay Boat Tour with 9/11 Tribute


Sunday, September 10th • 11am-2pm

Newark Bay Tour with 9/11 Tribute

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This exciting tour of Newark Bay, the city of Newark, Bayonne and Jersey City also includes up close visits to four famous memorials that pay solemn tribute to the victims of 9/11:

  • the city of Bayonne’s “Tear Drop Memorial”
  • the two giant waterfall memorials that comprise the footprints of the World Trade Center,
  • St. George, Staten Island’s strikingly dramatic and soaringly wing-like tribute to the 274 Staten Island victims who lost their lives on 9/11 entitled: “Postcards,” designed by noted New York architect Masayuki Sono,
  • and the beautiful “Empty Sky Memorial” located next to Jersey City’s famed Central Railroad Terminal at Liberty State Park designed by Jessica Jamroz and Frederick Schwartz.

In 1928, at its economic and cultural zenith, Newark, New Jersey stood proudly as America’s fourth wealthiest city.

By this time, Newark, had produced a dazzling array of achievements few cities could rival: an advanced transportation infrastructure including a subway, America’s first commercial airport, a massive and flourishing iron and steel industry, one of America’s greatest concentrations of beer brewing, nationally recognized retail stores, and a wide range of commercial, civic and cultural accomplishments – all of which catapulted New Jersey’s most populous city to the forefront of American urban life.

Although the city has lost a significant degree of its spectacular economic luster in the present day, Newark’s incredible legacy of economic success and civic achievement is being re-energized.

At present, the city adjoining Newark Bay and the Passaic River has been experiencing an impressive degree of economic resurgence, one spearheaded by its vital and ever expanding container port industry, the most extensive and important port facilities to be found along the Atlantic coast of the US.

Our tour highlights noted projects and sites of historic economic importance while also introducing us to specific container companies that are engaging new technologies that account for the rapid and tremendous success of this industry.

We further highlight impressive manufacturing, cultural, recreational and housing developments that are emerging all along Newark Bay the Passaic and Hackensack Rivers.

As we pull away from Fast Ferry Terminal between Empire Outlets and Ferry Hawks Ballpark, we describe in detail the “Postcards” Memorial. We then sail up close and personal to Robbins Reef Lighthouse where we learn about the life and career of one of NYC’s legendary Keepers, Kate Walker and the history of this famous NYC Lighthouse.

From the Kill Van Kull, we sail even closer to Zurab Tsereteli’s famed and powerful ten story tall sculpture, “The Tear Drop Memorial” located at Bayonne’s Military Ocean/Cruise Terminal. It was donated by Russia under Vladimir Putin in 2005 to commemorate victims of the 9/11 attacks and the destruction of New York City’s World Trade Center.

From Bergen Point, where a major railroad bridge and the Bergen Point lighthouse once stood as symbolic gateways to Newark Bay, we describe the history of both structures, then head northwards past the Robbins Reef Yacht Club and Union Park, up Newark Bay, past the rapidly expanding giant container facilities of Port Elizabeth and Port Newark, under the iconic Vertical Lift Railroad Bridge that connects Bayonne with Newark, the beautiful Newark Bay (Vincent R. Casciano Bridge) and Kearny Point, which, today, much like the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has been converted into a dynamic center of commercial and manufacturing.

Our tour also traces the history and vital role played by the popular Portuguese dominated Ironbound section, which, in the present day, has helped to animate Newark’s current economic and cultural revival.

This tour includes an up-close examination of the cities of Newark, Bayonne and Jersey City as well as the history of Liberty Island that once comprised a part of the Oyster Islands.

Since its installation in 1886, the Statue of Liberty has not only served as a glorious symbol of liberty and friendship with France, but as a fort, a prison, notorious public gallows, and, as a lighthouse on behalf of the US Lighthouse Service.

Our tour will be conducted by Wade R. Goria, historian, author, and former professor of International Relations at New York University. He is the principal lecturer for all NLM boat tours.

Banner Image: Newark Bay Historical Boat Tour Graphic. Image Credit – NLM


National Lighthouse Museum

The National Lighthouse Museum’s Board of Trustees, Advisors and FRIENDS are dedicated to the full development of the National Lighthouse Museum on the site of the US Light House Service General Depot on Staten Island from 1864 to 1939. Partnering with government agencies, non-profits, corporations, foundations, and other organizations, we will work to promote and support historical, educational, cultural, recreational, and other related activities at the site, while maintaining the navigational significance and maritime heritage of lighthouses throughout the world. The Mission is in consonance with the Purposes of the National Lighthouse Museum as they are documented in Article II of the museum by-laws:

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