BP Fossella, DA’s Office, NYC Sheriff Address Proliferation Of Smoke Shops On Staten Island Conducting Illegal Activities


BP Fossella, Richmond County District Attorney’s Office, City Sheriff to Address Proliferation of Smoke Shops on Staten Island 

Staten Island, NY – Borough President Vito Fossella will address the proliferation of smoke shops on Staten Island in a press conference at Borough Hall on Thursday, September 7th at 3:00 PM.

Joining the Borough President are Executive Assistant District Attorney for Investigations Tom Ridges and New York City Sheriff Anthony Miranda, both of whom have been closely involved with enforcing the law regarding smoke shops conducting illegal activities.

Borough President Fossella, Assistant District Attorney Ridges, and Sheriff Miranda will provide updated information on the enforcement of fines and penalties on smoke shops that have conducted illegal activities.

Over the past two years, numerous smoke shops opened on the island, some of which are located within 500 ft of schools or in direct vicinity of train stations. Some of these shops are reported to have sold illicit and unlicensed marijuana, vape products and/or cigarettes. Enforcement power against smoke shops conducting these illegal activities lies with the NYC Sheriff’s Office, in coordination with the District Attorney’s Office, NYPD, and the Department of Consumer and Workers Protection. FDNY, the NYC Buildings Department, and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene are called upon when their assistance is necessary.

In attendance: BP Fossella; Tom Ridges, Executive Assistant District Attorney for Investigations; Anthony Miranda, New York City Sheriff

This press conference provides update on enforcement of smoke shop illegal activity

Banner Image: Smoke shop. Image Credit – Josiah Weiss


BP Vito Fossella

The Office of the Borough President has a responsibility to advocate for the entire Borough of Staten Island and all its residents, and represents the Borough's interests within City government. The Borough President communicates directly with the Mayor and the City Council to emphasize Staten Island’s budget priorities. In addition, the Borough President is responsible for reviewing major land use decisions and proposing sites for city facilities within the Borough. As the chair of the Borough Board, the Borough President leads Staten Island’s City Council delegation and Community Board chairs in the process of reviewing and approving the transfer of public properties to private use. The Borough President’s Office houses the Borough's Topographical Bureau, which maintains the borough’s official maps and assigns street addresses. The Borough President monitors the delivery of city services on Staten Island, and acts as a liaison between residents and city agencies when problems arise to devise solutions. The Borough President is also responsible for appointing one member to the Panel for Educational Policy and one member to the City Planning Commission, as well as some 150 members to Staten Island’s three community boards.


  • 58 Ball Corner Pocket 58 Ball Corner Pocket says:

    SO what was the outcome?

    Yo, give us an update…………

    • 660 660 says:

      I called the newsroom a few minute ago. They said they are processing the video right now for this story. I asked them how long it will take, and they said it was having issues with the processing. They really didn’t get into it but did say it will be hours, at least.

      But they said the meeting went down with the B.P. and they are going after the smoke shops right now.

      • Avatar Don't You Say Fuggediboudi' to Me says:

        What is 660? Another Satanic thing? You kids need to get lives. Go play in baseball or something. Skate. Just don’t sit on your asses playing video games and surfing the web. Especially don’t be influenced by these idiots.

        • 660 660 says:

          I’m not kid — not since 1979 when I was of age

          What is 777? Jackpot! What is 770? No jackpot.

          What is 666? Devil’s number. What is 660? Not devil’s number.

          Anyone have any better guesses?

          Although I do agree with you on everything else you said. It’s just misdirected, friend.

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      You do know the orange ball is the three ball, don’t you? 😐

      Some pool hustler you must be.

      • 3 Ball Is Red 3 Ball Is Red says:

        I usually sit on the stands and watch the ridiculous comments. But today I made an account. You know why? The Liar is always running his mouth. Actually, Mr. Liar, the three ball is, and always has been, red.

        Some pool hustler you must be.

        I hope my local vape store doesn’t close. I don’t want to be buying that **** online.

      • 660 660 says:

        I get that you are “The Liar” and everything you say is said in jest.

        Pure irony. I think a lot of the commenters on here miss that completely.

  • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

    Everyone I talk with says it is legal. I try explaining, but they just don’t believe it. I get exasperated seeing how dumb everyone has become. They live on sound bites and don’t even read the articles.

    Looks like I was right. Weed is still illegal after all.

    • Avatar Avi'd Khan Abis-Mokir b. 1967 (pseudonym) says:

      Marijuana was never made legal~!

      Facts are facts. And, it’s been decrimmed in NYC since the ’70s. It means nothing. Decrim is a fallacy.

      • 660 660 says:

        100% on the money

        • Avatar Brent Is Crude says:

          Ah.. yes.. the money.. always about the money..

          Vape shops were set up like bowling pins..

          I guess you have to be smart.. Yeah, THC is still illegal.. Everyone thought the opposite..

          Now everyone knows.. Not going to lie.. Thought it was legal just like others on here did..

          NYC let this proliferate because now NYC imposes large fines..

          They need to fund a city that has no funds..

          This helps..

          Where does the money from fines go? That I wonder..

          Can it be allocated specifically if it isn’t already? Otherwise it just goes into a vast ocean of other city assets digitally held. Could the fines help fund education? Addiction?

    • Avatar Christian Man in SI says:

      Do you chop up animals for rituals?

      • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

        No, do you?

        I am a vegetarian. I believe in justice and preventing animal cruelty.

        I also believe that low energy vampires like yourself have nothing positive to contribute.

        I respect your faith so you should do the same. This is the US and even a Satanist has rights.

      • 9 FUT 9 FUT says:

        Hey Chomper, heel.

        Give the kid a break, OK?

    • Avatar Not the pick me girl says:

      No way. My buds have been smoking right in the open on Hylan. I just let them know.

    • Avatar Roger That, Renee! says:

      ” I get exasperated seeing how dumb everyone has become. ”

      It is mostly true this is after covid. It did something to our brains and we all got it.

      How people now drive is a perfect example.

    • 2 FoXEEE 2 FoXEEE says:

      I for real thought it was legal now. This is so weird.

  • Avatar Joe says:

    good riddance

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      I’ll be missing them. Probably as much as I miss my local video store. My VCR still works to this day, actually. My wife found out and now she’s glued to the couch re-watching Dallas.

      • 3 Ball Is Red 3 Ball Is Red says:

        At least your wife’s not out..umm..”shopping” like she usually is. If Dallas keeps her wild *** home, all the more power to you, Mr. Liar. Just ply her with popcorn and boozy chocolate balls and she’ll forget all about the fact that you’re sitting right there next to her.

        Actually, my VCR also works. I just tried it last week. I even have the S-VHS. Double the screen.

  • 9 FUT 9 FUT says:

    This island is going to be a ****** mess. There is no way this is going to go well. Good luck with this.

    The pot law is a joke. NY can’t get anything right.

    • NoSweat NoSweat NoSweat NoSweat says:

      This is too true. So now where are people supposed to buy grass? If I read correctly (and you should have read aloud for those who can’t see so well because they served your country and got vision problems) there was a way to buy marijuana but I had to be at the Ferry at a certain time on a certain day. Now that’s BS!! I don’t go for that medical cannabis because I hate doctors. I am not paranoid or an old geezer. I stay away and I am well. You have a good chance of dying in a doctor’s care .It’s pure statistics. Science. Unlike doctors like Fauci. The stats say stay away, live longer and better.

      So I want my weed. And I don’t want to have to explain why. I am a citizen of the US like you and not a commie dog. So I’m okay with that the state made it legal. What’s the BS about it now being illegal? How many Vietnam vets get weed at these stores and don’t want to give their IDs every time they buy? You served your country and feel that is just not necessary for a stinking (literal) weed that doesn’t kill anyone. What a ****** joke.

      Fosella is a good guy. He really should have taken these vast resources and directed elsewhere. We all know. We all see who’se peddling the dope in all our neighborhoods. And by dope I mean H E R I O N. We put in reports and the NYPD acted swiftly and took down a drug house. Good job. But that was ONE house. The guy inside was just a dope fiend low-level dealer causing havoc. Not anyone. We need the NYPD and Mayor Adams and BP Fosella to prioritize dope, not cannabis.

      Yes cannabis is technically illegal. But remember that the DEA can come in and shut down all of this ******* NYS “legal weed” nonsense any time of day, any day they want. If you’re going to give out fines for not licensing a store that sells a federally scheduled substance that you can’t even legally bank profits from that makes no sense. What kind of ******* license is this? A license to what? To break Federal law? Have fun NYS.


  • Avatar Confused Boriqua says:

    What about Delta 8? Is that still legal?

  • NoSweat NoSweat NoSweat NoSweat says:

    This is the ONLY news I follow and with good reason.

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