BP Fossella Presents 2022 Maniscalco Award To E.C.H.O. Founder For Exceptional Community Service


BP Fossella to Honor Sebastian Angelico, Recipient of the 2022 Maniscalco Award  

E.C.H.O founder to accept award for community service at Borough Hall ceremony 

Staten Island, NY – Borough President Vito Fossella will honor Sebastian Angelico, recipient of the 2022 Albert V. Maniscalco Community Service Award at a ceremony at Borough Hall on Monday, September 25th, at 6:00 PM.  

The Albert V. Maniscalco Community Service Award, established in 1986, honors our ninth Borough President. Maniscalco’s tenure from 1955 to 1965 saw the creation of the Greenbelt and the construction of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The Maniscalco Award celebrates civic-minded Staten Islanders who have dedicated their lives in service for the betterment of their community. This will be the first Maniscalco Award given by Borough President Fossella.  

Sebastian Angelico is the founder and chairman of the Emergency Children’s Help Organization, or E.C.H.O, a non-profit organization that, since its founding in 2008, has provided financial assistance to children with medical emergencies or whose families struggle making ends meet. To this date, E.C.H.O has provided $3.8 million in emergency medical and living expense assistance.  

Mr. Angelico spent much of his life with the conviction to help others. The son of a baker, Mr. Angelico struggled to find investment to support his entry into the commodity business. Once he had found success, he committed to helping people. Mr. Angelico was particularly moved by stories he had read of children struggling with dangerous illness, and out of a drive to help not just one but many children, E.C.H.O was born.  

E.C.H.O’s motto is “we hear, we care, we share”, and Mr. Angelico’s work is the embodiment of caring for the struggles of Staten Island youth by providing relief. Mr. Angelico also represents the significant number of individuals who have committed resources, time and money to make E.C.H.O the success that it is. It is the essence of virtue.  

Please join us as we honor Mr. Angelico for his lifelong commitment to community service on Staten Island.  

Banner Image: Maniscalco Award Graphic. Image Credit – BP Oddo


BP Vito Fossella

The Office of the Borough President has a responsibility to advocate for the entire Borough of Staten Island and all its residents, and represents the Borough's interests within City government. The Borough President communicates directly with the Mayor and the City Council to emphasize Staten Island’s budget priorities. In addition, the Borough President is responsible for reviewing major land use decisions and proposing sites for city facilities within the Borough. As the chair of the Borough Board, the Borough President leads Staten Island’s City Council delegation and Community Board chairs in the process of reviewing and approving the transfer of public properties to private use. The Borough President’s Office houses the Borough's Topographical Bureau, which maintains the borough’s official maps and assigns street addresses. The Borough President monitors the delivery of city services on Staten Island, and acts as a liaison between residents and city agencies when problems arise to devise solutions. The Borough President is also responsible for appointing one member to the Panel for Educational Policy and one member to the City Planning Commission, as well as some 150 members to Staten Island’s three community boards.

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