Award-Winning Boxer “The Italian Gladiator” – Media Influencer, Content Creator – Now Conquers Fashion World On Runway



by Nick Christophers


There are many sports figures who venture into different creative avenues in hopes of achieving something different. Whether they are in the NHL, NFL or any other professional pastime; guys like Dan Marino, Wayne Gretzky and George Foreman found a way to prove they can do more than sports.


This is the case for boxer, content creator, and media influencer Anthony Stallone Patanella, better known as the “The Italian Gladiator,”a moniker he has taken seriously and proven he is worthy of.  He began his journey as a boxer in 2008 for the Golden Gloves under the banner Elite Heat Boxing. At first, he was into pro wrestling after high school where he once had 14 matches in only seven days at the Middlesex County Fair.


He started training in boxing in 2001, and he had his first fight at the 2008 Golden Gloves with Elite Heat by coach Willie Moses, grandfather to Shakur Stevenson, Pro World Champion. The Celebrity Boxing fights he was involved with were arranged via Sylvester Stallone’s brother, Frank.

This opened the door to event cards with such names as Rodney King, Jose Canseco, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan, Danny Bonaduce of the Partridge Family, Lamar Omar, former WWF HOF wrestler Brutus The Barber Beefcake, TikTok influencer Holy God, and more.


As time progressed and his name became more well-known, he went into gladiator training at the  New Jersey Steel Fighting Academy in Brick, New Jersey. Here he learned how to fight in full armor in all out contact with real weapons. Anthony was always up for any challenge, and working on these aspects only assisted him in the ring. He first got his taste of the sport in Newark, New Jersey at El Coqui Boxing Club.


Even though Anthony has accomplished a lot in the boxing game, there was another battle he was fighting. He has gone through some rough patches with certain mental issues but has managed to control it and boxing has been his positive outlet.


I love contact sports and boxing, which have helped me with my mental health issues a lot. Without it, I would be lost and be in a worse place; nobody understands it but [those] who suffer from it like anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression; it is a very serious condition, and a lot of people go through it and battle with it in their own ways. I have lost people I know from suicide, like Miss USA Cheslie Kryst and correspondent for Extra. I also have much respect for the undisputed Heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury, who also battles from mental illness.”


Outside of boxing, Anthony has ventured into other industries. One being the fashion world as he was recently featured on the runway at the Cut From A Different Cloth Fashion Extravaganza on September 16, 2023, in New York City.


The organizer of the event was Fe from Rare Royalty Magazine. He sealed a contract with WestHaven International at the end of August, 2023, that led to being slated for the event. The designers that joined him on the runway were Catwalk Enterprises, Selfmade Customs, and Dippin DoeNutz.


He is hoping this will grow into something bigger. Also on the table, he is awaiting notification after his tryout for the EFC Boxing in Tampa, Florida, and is awaiting confirmation for his advancement in the next event this coming November.

In addition, he is scheduled to attend Philadelphia’s Rocky Run in the same month. Whether he is in the ring, battling in warrior armor, or modeling a fashion line, Anthony is a proven competitor and champion in more than one way.



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Nick Christophers

As a talented individual, I have always been immersed in the arts. Whether it is drawing or writing, my passion for both was unwavering. Graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in Media Arts and a minor in Journalism, I was off and running. With the knowledge I garnered from the College I managed to create my own Public Relations business. When it comes to my writing I have been published in many online and print magazines. Since I come from a Greek background my first writing gig was with a major Greek publication entitled National Herald. The experience with this newspaper helped me branch out to others like it, like the Hellenic Times. Eventually, I decided to expand my skills to the mainstream market. Hence, I began submitting articles to online publications like, and In addition to all the press work, I have also penned my own novel “Destinies” which is currently available on Amazon and in working to go from script to screen. Besides that, I also just completed a historical overview of the Greek mafia worldwide which is also on Amazon along with my third book which I worked with ex-mobster John Alite called Prison Rules. In addition, I was featured as a mob expert on the cable channel REELZ for the program “Mafia Killers w/ Colin McLaren”. Even though I have made these strides with my God-given talent I am always in search of building more bridges. In the entertainment industry there are no limits to what one can accomplish.

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