Not A Crime To Be Poor: Prof. Edelman Discusses Affects On Low-Income People Of No Attorney For Criminal, Civil Cases



In this part of the interview series with Professor Edelman, our discussion focuses on the criminal side of justice, where low-income people in certain states do not receive the Constitutionally-guaranteed free lawyer to help them when defending themselves after being accused of a crime.

In some smaller municipalities, all people regardless of income are required to pay for a criminal attorney themselves when they are accused of a crime. This can lead to a situation where things are made worse for them, as they can often never get out of the debt caused by the accusations. This interview does not cover the experiences of low-income people who are convicted of felony crimes, and the difficulties they face getting back into society when their prison sentence is up.

Further interviews with Professor Edelman are coming soon.

Banner Image: Professor Edelman video graphic. Image Credit – Staten Islander News 



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