The Way Of The Mystic: Life Is Soul’s Workshop


“The Way of the Mystic”
by Michael Raz

Life is a workshop for the soul. Our bodies, minds and time are the tools. God is an impersonal force, not a person.

God is everything. God is lonely. That is why the universe was created. So God may have a relationship with God through all of God’s creations.

Individuality is the byproduct. It is natural to be an individual. Anything, any group that negates this idea is false.

Families. Countries. Religions. These are all illusions. Only God is real.

God is love. Love is real. Fear is an illusion. Love produces joy. Fear produces pain. That is why the world is suffering. It follows fear.

The world calls the results good. It is really bad. Love produces joyful results which are good.

Fear produces painful results which are bad. Love is the way of the mystic.

God created the illusion of fear so that we, as individuals, have the choice.

A truly loving relationship is one where both parties are free. This is the true meaning of free will. To have the right to decide to make the correct choice.

The correct choice is always the one that produces joy. If God was in complete control, we would neither be free nor have consciousness.

We would be unaware robots. Divine robots, if you will.

When deciding what to do at any moment, follow the path that feels good and is good.

For example, when it comes to diet, choose foods that are delicious and nutritious.

This is the way of the mystic. Peace and joy are the emotions mostly experienced. It is impossible to always feel joy.

This is part of God’s plan. Growth is the purpose. Pain should be experienced but be short-lived and transcended.

Every mystic knows that life on Earth is a dead end. That the afterlife is the ultimate goal.

Simultaneously, she knows that life on Earth must be lived right in order to achieve the aforementioned goal.

Living life right entails entering into the right relationships. God first, self second and others last is the way of the mystic. He knows that in order to love others, he must first love himself.

In order for him to truly do this, he must be aware of his existence as a creation of his glorious creator.

Why is this so important? Because being conscious of the fact that God is love, is everything, one may know themselves as a part of God.

When you know that every creation is a part of God, you are truly free. You realize that love is everywhere.

You look for the lovely. Avoid the temptation to think that you are God. This is a path to suffering.

Living with the awareness that God created you and everyone and everything in the universe for the purpose of experiencing love in many ways and seeing the evidence of it in one’s daily life is the summit of wisdom.

It is the way of the mystic.

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Michael Raz

Michael Raz is a Staten Island songwriter and folk music artist. You may have seen him performing at open mic parties at various island bars and clubs over the last few decades.


  • Avatar .. says:

    פייוו, חבר! אני מקווה שתמשיך בעבודה הטובה בעשיית מצוות.

    • Magnificent Zero Magnificent Zero says:

      this translates in Google Translate as :

      “Five, friend! I hope you keep up the good work in doing mitzvot”

      I looked up mitzvot and the word means good deeds in Hebrew.

      What does “five, friend”: mean? Is that a Jewish numerology thing?

      I found this on Wikipedia:

      In the thought system of Maharal, each number has a consistent philosophical meaning: 1 – unity. 2 – dualism and multiplicity. 3 – the unity between two extremes. 4 – multiplicity in two directions, like the cardinal directions. 5 – the center point which unifies those four extremes. 6 – multiplicity in three dimensions. 7 – the center point which unifies all of nature, as with Shabbat. 8 – the supernatural realm which feeds nature, and the striving of man for a connection with the supernatural. 9 – the most complete multiplicity, including division between the natural and supernatural. 10 – the final unification between natural and supernatural.[2]

  • 2 FoXEEE 2 FoXEEE says:

    Is the author Buddhist?

  • Michael Raz Michael Raz says:


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