NYS’s Cannabis Dispensaries Can Finally Move Forward After Settlement


A group of disabled veterans, led by Carmine Fiore, reached a settlement in their case against New York State’s Cannabis legalization.  Their contention was that by allowing only those convicted of marijuana related crimes to apply for the first several rounds of licenses, the NY State Constitution was being violated.

The veterans believed that they legally should have had the same right to apply for the licenses as those who had been convicted of cannabis-related crimes. Their case has been heard by State Supreme Court Judge Kevin Bryant.

Back in August, prior to the borough president’s press conference regarding illegal cannabis, the entire industry and licensing process in NY was put on hold by the judge in the case, who sided with the veterans and issued an injunction.  This led many individuals who had already sunk their life savings into this business pursuit to request exceptions to the injunction, some of which were eventually granted.

Last week, however, a settlement was finally reached between the disabled veterans and the state.  This will finally allow New York’s licensing program to continue to move forward, with many licenses that had already been issued now cleared for opening their dispensaries.

This situation transpired during a period of stepped up enforcement of illegal cannabis on Staten Island.  Outside of a few pop up type events, such as the one at the Ferryhawks stadium in September, there is no legal way for Staten Islanders to obtain marijuana products legally.

At least two dispensary licenses have been approved for Staten Island businesses, which following this announcement should be able to open soon.

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