New Year’s Greeting: Reminder From Kamau Kokayi – Only Truth Worth Living For Is Vibration / Frequency Of Love


How does one live in a world where two groups see the annihilation of each other as the way for survival of their particular group?  So much time is spent justifying a position with vilification and dehumanization of one group by the other.    

The arguments are intellectually enticing, and the taking of sides leads to a further hardening of the perspectives and brings more people into the conflict.   Both groups see themselves as trying to prevent genocide of their own group, yet genocide of the other group becomes the order of the day, by whatever name it’s called.

As death and destruction become more the order of the day, the emotions and justifications on both sides increase.  Because this conflict ultimately goes back to human ego, whether on an individual scale, or defense of a principle that pits one group against another,   the outcome achieved  will never get beyond the ego nature itself, which is the need to create a reality where it feels safe in its OWN vision of Truth.

True Peace and Love can not really exist in the wake of this kind of conflict.   The decimation of one group will lead to generations of war and conflict.   In its present form the real question is to what degree will this conflict spread to other geographic locations, especially the genocidal nature of the conflict; like a downward spiral/black hole pulling everything into it.

One must ask who does this really serve?  Is it the everyday people that have lost family and friends, that want to enjoy their lives,  have some stability, and see their offspring flourish?  Is it the combatants themselves that will have to lick their wounds, and figure out if they can construct a life that is free of nightmares and allows them to achieve an elevated human mindset where everyone is part of the human family and has the right to life?  

In seeing this age old conflict of the ego move forward I’m reminded of what Native Americans have been through.   

A people and way of life were nearly made extinct in the wake of a projected concept of Manifest Destiny.  With all the ideals that this country proclaims for itself it still has not risen to a true Heart level of Consciousness.  Love is not a ruling principle.  

This country is drenched both in blood of its inception and failings  and glory of its accomplishments; both of which are a matter of perspective and vantage point, no different from what is happening in the Middle East.  Many human beings have short memories and are only focused on creating their own day in the sun.   Civilizations have come and gone, and even greater ones than what we do not recognize as part of what we consider human history have fallen, with barely a trace of their existence.  

As a metaphysician I assert that the only truth worth living for is the vibration and frequency of LOVE, by whatever name you choose to recognize this reality.  

We know enough as human beings to know what LOVE is not.  As long as we choose to tell ourselves that we know something better, and that we as individuals and empires are something more than this …well we will continue to have a bitter harvest of war and conflict….upholding leaders and ideas with next to little to no moral virtue, who represent a means to an end that we have created in our minds…but does not actually exist.  

The irony is that the vibration of LOVE is always accessible.   It can be experienced in something as simple as a sunrise and sunset,  the laughter of children,  the company of plants and animals, the actual experience of life and the elements,  and not the ideas of separation and reasons to hate and war that we create in our minds; especially the minds of men where testosterone is more a poison than anything else.   

The vibration of LOVE and the Awareness and True Power that emanates through this will be more in effect as we move into 2024.  Evolution of the human soul is what this is all about.

We give thanks….for the opportunity to truly embrace who and what we are;  Divine Sparks of an Infinite Consciousness and Presence…..Make this choice to live as your true Self.


Kamau Kokayi 

January 1, 2024

Banner Image: Universal love. Image Credit – Amy Shamblen


Kamau Kokayi MD

Kamau Kokayi is the founder of Healing Health Services, and has been in private practice as a primary care holistic medical specialist for over thirty five years. He graduated from Yale School of Medicine in 1982, went on to do a residency in Family Practice with Board certification.

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