RESPONSE: Tucker Carlson Says Entire Purpose In Life? Pass On Your Genes – Without Reproduction, One Can Never Achieve Life’s True Destiny, Right, Tuck?


In response to the question, “If I Achieve One Thing in Life, What Should That Be?” Tucker Carlson states that the most important goal of life is to “pass on your genes.”  According to Tucker, no man in previous eras would have asked this question.  


Perhaps that is because there wasn’t much more to life back then than surviving and, indeed, passing on your genes.  The world has matured a great deal since those dark times, and there are so many more options available to people than just this.  


Tucker says, “There’s only one objective in life…and that’s reproduction!  Pass on your genes, so you don’t become extinct.  They’re called, in our culture anyway, children.  And then, one hopes, they meet and have grandchildren.  And that makes you the patriarch of a clan, and gives meaning to your life.


“In other words, you could spend your entire life working for Deutsche Bank, which is obviously pointless and destructive of the social order, and you probably wouldn’t feel very good about  that.  But if you had a bunch of kids, you would still win…you are fulfilling your core destiny, which is to REPRODUCE… .Next time you read about someone… who is a..complete neerdowell, menace to society, George Floyd, for example,…I’d be willing to bet my late model car that he’s got more kids than you. So who’s really ahead?


“So, who’s really ahead?  You, or George Floyd?  You, or the guy with 27 drug arrests?…. If he’s got more kids than you, he wins. Because in the end, that’s how we tally the race.  By reproduction.”


Wait, did he really just say that?  That the Ultimate Goal Of Life is to pass on your genes.  More specifically, to have more children than someone with many arrests who has led a criminal life,  such as George Floyd.  The man who, regardless of anything he had done before that moment, might not have died in police custody without an officer kneeling on his neck or chest for nine minutes. 


But what did George Floyd have? Lots of children. Five of them, to be exact.   


This means that George Floyd, according to Tucker Carlson, is automatically better than you. Unless you have also had as many, or more, children than he had.  This is a completely ridiculous premise.  It also does not take into account the many other aspects of a person’s life and existence that are important.  There is a LOT more to life than just having kids.  


One could even say that having kids is one of the easier things to do.  It entails “going with the flow” as it were, just doing what everyone else does.  Doing what comes easily.  All you need is a partner to have sex with, get together with them, and – boom – you’ve got a purpose in your life.  


For those who have not done this… not so much.  


Do you see a problem with this? I can see a lot of problems with this whole idea.  


The first main issue with this whole premise:  What about Jesus? Perhaps Tucker Carlson is Conservative but not Christian.   Either way, Jesus was not married, and he never had any children.  He passed on his genes exactly ZERO times.  


However, according to Tucker Carlson’s logic, he had no purpose in his life. He was, in fact, inferior to the local criminal who has lots of children.   


This applies not only to Jesus, in fact.  It also applies to the prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament.  Applied as well to every celibate nun, monk, and priest, they also have no purpose in life whatsoever.  This is because these are all groups who do not reproduce.  They don’t have children.  They do not “pass on their genes.”


However, this is not my only problem with this statement.  There are many people in our world today who have decided to forego having children for many reasons.  Some people believe that the world is a crazy, terrible place, and they don’t want to bring more children into it.  

We can also talk about cats and dogs.  If you don’t spay and neuter cats and dogs, what do you get?  More cats and dogs.  Generally speaking (since there are health conditions and other issues that can get in the way), humans who are not surgically or medically prevented from bearing children, will have kids when they get together.  

There are others, who believe that it is environmentally irresponsible to add more children to the booming world population.  They feel that more children means more pollution, more environmental destruction, and more problems overall.  While it can be argued that the children of an environmentalist could make the difference between an environmentally conscious world and the status quo, they are still entitled to their feelings.  


There are still others who know how much having a child can cost, and they cannot afford it.  While there are some people who cannot afford children but have them anyway, in many cases they do so using government aid.  Most people will not go this route.  Thus, having children would be a financial burden for them that they would be unable to handle.  Not everyone is wealthy.  Not everyone has the same financial status and standing in life.  


While it is more challenging to find men than women who have not had children, a brief list would include Freddie Mercury, Nikola Tesla, Edgar Allen Poe, and Thomas Wolfe.  No one can deny that these men made great contributions to our society and way of life, but they did not have children.  Thus, by the logic discussed above, they did not achieve their life’s true purpose and destiny.


Even though Poe wrote some of the best poetry in the world, Tesla had many worthwhile inventions, and Thomas Wolfe was a prolific writer, is that enough?


It is not right to judge such people by what those who are monied would do.  However, this false dichotomy of those who have children versus those who do not does place people like Tucker Carlson at the top of the ladder he just created. 


Tucker Carlson himself is competing quite well with George Floyd’s phantom, at least in his own mind.  If he has just one more child, he will have surpassed George Floyd in the imaginary “passing on your genes” competition.   That will somehow make Tucker Carlson automatically “better than” George Floyd, because everyone is competing to have the most children possible.  


Not only is this a very immature point of view, but it really does disregard the entire human experience.  There is most certainly more to life than having children.  What about having spiritual experiences?  What about being the world’s best chef, or the world’s greatest best friend.  Instead, everything comes down to being the world’s best dad, and there is no other purpose in life?  


It is quite unfortunate to see how many people feel this same way, as it is not a small percentage of the population.  Instead of focusing on how they can make the world a better place for us all, they just focus on having as many children as possible.  


Considering how many bad parents there are out there, including those who abuse and demean their kids, I seriously doubt that any one of us will be judged on the basis of the number of children we have.  There are so many other things in one’s life that can give it meaning, but having kids trumps them all?  While being a parent is a great thing, there are many who are unable to become one.  What of them?  


It seems likely that there are much more important things in life than just the number of kids you have had.  This is not a contest to try to populate the world with as many conservatives or liberals as possible.  There is far more to life than this, and the number of children you have had is actually quite unimportant in the scheme of things.  


What I haven’t even mentioned here is, what will your kids grow up to be?  Isn’t that important?  Maybe that doesn’t matter so much to Tucker, but it seems much more important to be concerned with quality as opposed to quantity.  Having kids who will do great things is important, and also unpredictable.  You cannot know if your kids will be anything like you, or if they will be little terrors running around causing mayhem.  Even if you parent well, they can still turn out poorly.  Just look at the Bible for dozens of examples of exactly this, particularly in the Old Testament.  


You might be destined for great things.  Whether you have had children or not is unimportant.  There are likely many who will do incredible and wonderful things who are childless.  I would point, once again, to Jesus.  For those who follow Judaism, you can point to the prophet Jeremiah, who was the last prophet sent to preach to the southern kingdom.  That was his purpose in life, and it seems a lot more important than just having had some kids. 

Banner Image: Tucker Carlson video still.  Image Credit – Tucker Carlson


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