Learn More About This Odd Holiday With Your Friends As You Shout Hoodie Hoo! to Winter


Editor’s note: From the National Today website about this holiday: “Hoodie Hoo Day was established by the owners of Wellcat, and is set on a day exactly a month before spring.”

And from the website Holidays Calendar: “Although this holiday might seem like a joke, it is an actual holiday created and copyrighted by Thomas Roy, a man who has created over 80 different holidays, many of them quite unusual, such as Bathtub Party Day and Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.”


The Institute for Nonprofit Leadership would like to share an idea with you. We’ve attached a template for a Hoodie Hoo lunch – and some info about Hootie Hoo Day.

This is an opportunity to get everyone in your office together for something fun and to chase away winter (not that we’ve experienced a bad winter this year)

You can choose to do a pot luck or make it a brown bag or order in – next week might be a good time to get together for an office lunch date – we are!

HISTORY OF HOODIE HOO DAY – from www.nationaltoday.com/hoodie-hoo-day

“Hoodie Hoo Day is set on a day exactly a month before spring. On Hoodie Hoo Day, people in the community gather in a place at noon, wave their hands and shout, ‘Hoodie Hoo!’ to say goodbye to winter and welcome to spring.

“This shows how excited we are to move on from dull old winter and embrace the pleasant warmth of spring. We are not sure whether Hoodie Hoo really works, but it is a great way to bid the winter goodbye and get ready to have the best spring yet.

“After shouting Hoodie Hoo, we go home to hot cups of tea, cuddle, eat, and do something fun like getting our closets ready for spring outfits, getting flower seeds to plant, and making plans for spring.

And if you ever wonder what Hoodie Hoo means, we are not sure either. But, it was first used in the Andy Griffith show, meaning ‘How are you?’ in country slang.”

Banner Image: Farewell to winter. Image Credit – freestocks


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