Walmart Celebrates Extra Day Of Black History Month In New York To Showcase Black-Owned Brands, Products – How They Can Enhance Your Daily Routines


Walmart is celebrating an extra day of Black History month in New York

“Walmart’s Black & Unlimited platform celebrates Black creators and brands year-round, showcasing their unlimited potential through our scale and influence. This Leap Day, we were excited to have an extra day to CELEBRATE Black-owned brands and products, and how they can enhance your daily routines. Partnering with NYC artist Uzo Njoku, our clock installation symbolizes that Black-owned brands can elevate any moment in your life – no matter who you are.”


-Jasmin Leath, Communications Manager, Walmart 

Walmart is celebrating an extra day of Black History Month by showing up in an East Coast way. All year long, we’ve been celebrating amazing Black-owned brands and creators, and we’re so excited to use the extra day to help shoppers discover even more Black owned brands and products to fit into their daily routines.


On February 29th, we unveiled the Black & Unlimited clock installation designed in collaboration with Uzo Njoku, locally, in New York City’s Flatiron Plaza. The installation promises to be a striking piece of public art, reflecting the unique creative voices of its designers, with one goal – to highlight that Black-owned brands are for everyone.


Every hour on the hour between 8am-8pm, Walmart’s Street team will be giving away some of our favorite Black-owned and founded products, with inspiration on how customers can bring those items into their daily routine.


The installation is an IRL extension of Black & Unlimited, Walmart’s platform with a mission of supercharging the unlimited potential of Black creators and brands by providing access to Walmart’s scale & influence.

Banner Image: Black & Unlimited clock installation designed in collaboration with Uzo Njoku. All Images Credit – Walmart 



Walmart in collaboration with Uzo Njoku


  • Avatar Renee says:

    When is Italian history month?

  • Avatar "Marco Polo" says:

    Can you focus on Italian-owned brands?

    And if you come at me with mob jokes, I will not be amused.

    We also suffered discrimination.

    Again, if you make jokes I will be offended, and rightly so, considering history and society.

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