Senator Scarcella-Spanton Secures $100,000 In Funding Investigative Cameras To Support Staten Island DA’s Office


Senator Scarcella-Spanton Secures  $100,000 in Funding for Investigative Cameras to Support District Attorney Michael E. McMahon’s Law Enforcement Efforts

Editor’s note: We recently reported on the District Attorney and other local officials’ heroin and fentanyl overdose task force.  It is possible that some of this funding will be used in these types of investigations, giving law enforcement the tools they need to prevent needless deaths and overdoses in Staten Island communities.  State Senator Scarcella-Spanton has also been instrumental in bringing funding for sewer systems into the local community, with Rep. Malliotakis.  

Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY–  Senator Scarcella-Spanton proudly stood alongside District Attorney Michael E. McMahon to reaffirm her commitment to the safety and security of her constituents. Recognizing the crucial role of law enforcement in safeguarding communities, Senator Scarcella-Spanton has allocated $100,000 in funding to provide investigative cameras for the District Attorney’s office.

The funding aims to bolster the investigative capabilities of law enforcement agencies, enabling them to gather crucial video evidence essential for effective investigation and prosecution. This allocation will effectively double the number of cameras currently utilized by the District Attorney’s Office.

This funding underscores Senator Scarcella-Spanton’s dedication to supporting law enforcement and assisting them on the state level; “The safety of my constituents is a top priority to me— that’s why I’m proud to help ensure our DA’s office has all of the resources they need to prevent, investigate, and prosecute crime” said Senator Scarcella-Spanton. This $100,000 in funding for investigative cameras will effectively double the number of cameras the DA’s office utilizes for investigations, and the video evidence captured on these cameras is paramount to effective investigation and prosecution. This funding will help so many victims and their families get the justice that they deserve, which is why this funding is just one of the many pieces that I have secured to help the District Attorney’s office in their day-to-day operations.  I am so grateful for the work District Attorney McMahon and his team do each and every day to keep us safe, and I am committed to continuing to be a partner in public safety to his office and all law enforcement throughout our district, from St. George to Sheepshead Bay and throughout our state.”

“As Staten Island’s chief law enforcement officer, I am committed to working with our partners in government to ensure my office is equipped with the tools, resources, and technology necessary to not only hold lawbreakers accountable but to prevent crime from occurring in the first place. The simple fact is that in today’s crime-fighting landscape, video evidence is paramount. In fact, captured video footage can often be the difference between a successful prosecution or an unsuccessful one. Now, thanks to the determined efforts of State Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton, we are proud to announce a $100,000 investment to our office for new cameras and related technology. This will aid my investigators and prosecutors in our essential mission to keep Staten Islanders safe. From catching catalytic converter crooks and car thieves to illegal dumpers and shooting suspects, these cameras will undoubtedly assist police and prosecutors alike in deterring crime, apprehending suspects, and ensuring accountability and effective prosecution in the courtroom. We thank Senator Scarcella-Spanton for this significant and important investment in our borough’s public safety and for her unwavering commitment to the safety and security of all Staten Islanders.” said District Attorney Michael E. McMahon.

Senator Scarcella-Spanton’s leadership in securing $100,000 for investigative cameras emphasizes that enhancing public safety remains a top priority to her. This proactive approach and her dedication to supporting law enforcement initiatives highlight Senator Scarcella-Spanton’s role as a partner in protecting her constituents in communities across Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Senator Scarcella-Spanton was appointed as Chair of the New York State Senate Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs and continues to advocate for legislation that benefits veterans and their families. She is also a member of the Committees on Civil Service and Pensions, Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation Disabilities, Insurance, Labor, and Women’s Issues.

Banner Image: Closed Circuit cameras. Image Credit – Nathy dog


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