NYC’s Participatory Budget Process Now Open For 2024: All New Yorkers Over Age 11 Invited To Submit Suggestions For Expense Projects Funded By Mayor’s Office


Participatory Budget Process For 2024 Now Open To Suggestions From New Yorkers 11 Years Old And Up, Regardless Of Immigration Status

Editor’s note: Staten Islander News previously reported on New York’s first ever particularly budget process,  “The People’s Money,” where residents are encouraged to submit suggestions for budget allocations for the next budget.  

On May 1st, the CEC kicked off the voting phase of the annual People’s Money citywide participatory budgeting process. Now through June 12th, all New York City residents 11 and older, regardless of immigration status, can vote online or in person to decide what expense projects to fund with $3.5M in city funds. Last year, in the inaugural year of The People’s Money, over 100,000 New Yorkers voted to select 46 expense projects for funding with $5M in city funds. The CEC is working hard to educate and get NYC’s diverse populations, including those historically underserved, to play their part in this democratic process.

On April 25th, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York City Chief Service Officer Laura Rog unveiled the city’s plan to increase volunteer and service opportunities by 25 percent across the five boroughs — helping to build stronger communities, address the loneliness epidemic, and bolster the nonprofit sector’s volunteer force. Beginning this year, NYC Service will engage 55,000 people in service opportunities, including more than 150 paid AmeriCorps opportunities, to support 100,000 New Yorkers across all five boroughs annually. The city will also offer more than 1 million volunteer opportunities at city-based non-profits and agencies, expanding how New Yorkers can give back to their communities

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