Staten Islander Media Kit


Staten Islander Media Kit

What Makes the Staten Islander a Good Match for Your Business’s Marketing and Promotional Efforts?

Over 150,000 people visit our news platform every week, and this figure is rapidly growing! 

-Readers hail primarily from Staten Island,  secondarily NYC and NJ, and thirdly, across the USA and planet, with Europe and Asia leading internationally

-Staten Island is home to nearly a half million people, and Richmond County is the sixth wealthiest county in New York State, with a wealth index of 29.16, a median home value of $678,978, and an average per capita income of $62,558, ranking thirteenth, nationally, in terms of per capita income per county

-While our local island reader demographics are diverse, with users from the North Shore to the South Shore, most of our readers from the island reportedly have an income well past the per capita income figure for the entire island, around $100,000, yearly

-We have readers from every age group, including tweens, teens, and college-age-and-beyond young adults, and we tend to amass the most views from men and women, aged ~35 to ~65

-Growing readership even includes hard-to-reach demographics like Spanish-only-speaking Islanders

-The metric we use for traffic is intentionally understated and our views per week have already far exceeded 150,000


Looks Like The Fried Snacks Were a BIG Hit! Image Credit: Sier.Org

Looks Like The Fried Snacks Were a BIG Hit! Image Credit: StatenIslander.Org

Why Advertise with the Staten Islander?

-Media placements are phenomenally cheap, within the lower range of current digital ad space market value (price per 1000 impressions)

-There are media placements to fit any budget, from $1 weekly (not a joke)  to over $250, weekly

-No pay-per-click or per-view  fraudulence; flat rates for all businesses listing with us for a set period of time. We do not do pay-per-click ads at all, a system that is rife with fraud and rampant manipulation. Instead, we charge for an ad slot, priced based on number of views per thousand, in most instances

-The Staten Islander digital platform offers many different ad slots for businesses from Staten Island, NYC, the NY/NJ Metro area, and worldwide

-Appropriate for organizations of all sizes, from family-run small businesses to enterprise corporations

-Our broad reader demographics means you can connect with people from all S.I. neighborhoods and towns, ethnicities, and faiths, as well as political affiliations

-We reach an entirely different audience than other media because we became well-read via word-of-mouth, meaning many new potential customers for businesses from all over the island and well beyond

-Some Islanders do not read mainstream media sources and rely on local news only

-We have a very  low bounce rate, and visitors stay a while and read 3 – 4 stories, on average, to their completion, before leaving

-Cards distributed locally with QR codes bring new readers to first connect with our platform

New Twin-Span Goethals Bridge Shared-Use Pedestrian and Bike Path Finally Opens! Images from March 4th, 2020. A Staten Islander News Service Staff writer and photographer walked together over the path to Elizabeth, and back. These images chronicle their adventure.

As Real As It Gets

-Real traffic, not bots!

-Audience organically grown via friends and associates, thanks in large part to real-world social networks Staten Islanders we know have developed over the course of their own professional, and personal, lives, our fellow Islanders  hailing from nearly every SI neighborhood and town. (We couldn’t have done it without them; many, many thanks for the community’s help in getting to where we are! Everyone on Staten Island knows everyone else, some are even cousins-of-cousins; it’s a fact we islanders can’t ignore, living on a mountainous forest cut off from the rest of the world by $20 tolls.)

-Real-world social networks include people with views Left, Right, and Center; nonpolitical folks; retired people; parents; social groups; interest groups; local town organizations; faith-based groups of many creeds; cause-based groups; profession-based associations, and more, friends of friends of friends of friends, as it were

-Our real-world connections grew us to our current place as the island’s top choice for independent news, hosting a cultural resource that is unparalleled, in terms of utility, real-world exposure, and daily usage by our readers

-Dedicated readers visit the Staten Islander URL directly, never fake traffic redirected from social media or search engines

-Real people from Staten Island with real money to spend! Actual living souls!

-Traffic has been acquired by a unique marketing campaign undertaken over the course of five years,  all of which is still ramping up

Richmond County Fair 2019
40th Anniversary
Richmondtown, Staten Island, NYC, NY,USA

Our Resource Aids Businesses: More Exposure, Potentially New Clients

-We are a community-driven resource  intersecting with real life people, events, and issues on Staten Island via our staffers, photojournalists, journalistic staff, Community Outreach office, and news freelancers dedicated to providing content our readers care about

-The Staten Islander News Organization supported small business during the pandemic by reporting on their issues and continues to report on key issues Islanders feel concerned about today

-Our Creative Team, graduates of prestigious universities well-known for design, each with decades of real-world experience creating graphics, will design your advertisement free of charge, based on your existing corporate identity, or use your own advertisements and banners


Hip-Hop's 50th Anniversary celebration, on National Hip-Hop Celebration Day, with Raekwon the Chef of the Shaolin Wu Tang Clan, joined forces at SummerStage 2023 in Stapleton. It was a lit set of DJs, with artists from TA and other city writers doing pieces as the DJs and bands played.

Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary celebration, on National Hip-Hop Celebration Day, with Raekwon the Chef of the Shaolin Wu Tang Clan, joined forces at SummerStage 2023 in Stapleton. It was a lit set of DJs, with artists from TA and other city writers doing pieces as the DJs and bands played.

The Staten Islander: Media that Staten Islanders Flock to in 2023


At the Staten Islander, we print no-slant We value all views and opinions and present news as objectively as is possible. We aim to be nonpartisan and believe that this is the definition of real news. We are not breaking news, but rather more in-depth coverage, with Staten Island, and NYC culture being our foremost concerns. Apparently, Islanders value what we offer, if traffic is any reflection. We provide a choice to Staten

We represent quality media, a concerted attempt to present something different and new. You can often find interesting and original content that was penned specifically for Staten Islander by noted authors, politicians, activists, thinkers, and other public figures, alongside syndicated stories that our editors felt were worthwhile.

Our mission was to create a news source for Staten Islanders that focused on Staten Island, as well as important city, state, and national topics that affect the island.  Updates on current issues by our elected officials are part of this effort.

Rowing Out Onto Clove Lakes: Day-tripping On SI

Rowing Out Onto Clove Lakes: Day-tripping On SI


No-Slant News

We bill ourselves as Staten Island’s “No-Slant” News.  As we all have our own biases and views from life experience and learning, as well as what we take from all that, the only way that is possible is to publish perspectives and views from all sides.

That means that all philosophies and viewpoints are welcome, including political views, whether from the Left, Right, or Center. We encourage discussion and debate knowing that the role of media is to present news and views, not push our own  agenda. We want to bring people together, and without discussion and debate, that’s impossible.

Media Placement

More recently, we launched our Community Directory.  Our directory is intended to serve as a valuable resource, a place where information about culture, businesses, and more may be found in one place. We are quickly letting the world know that Staten Island is definitely not a dump!

At this time, we are accepting both traditional weekly, monthly, and trimonthly  advertisements in various positions in the online newspaper, as well as business listings in the Staten Island Community Directory. (These are two distinct and different services that we offer.)



9-11 Tribute In Lights As Seen From Staten Island (3)

9-11 Tribute In Lights As Seen From Staten Island (3)

The Staten Islander Is As Unique As the Island Itself

-News is available in English, Spanish, and Russian (Soon also Arabic, Albanian, Chinese, Italian, and more!)

-StatenIslander.Org is 100% free to read, comment on articles, and receive news feeds

-Our content differs significantly from other news sources

-Opinion pieces and editorials from every perspective

-The Staten Islander is the Island’s ONLY free news source

-Staten Islander News Organization is the island’s second-largest news service

-People of all backgrounds are seeking more authentic news, which we provide in abundance

-Quality news stories from our own newsroom and other reputable news services

-Independent journalism is regarded as the “Fifth Estate,” and vital to the functioning of our Nation. You can help support this!

-With our  strong focus on building community and appreciating culture, you will be supporting our important efforts


We Work with YOU and Make Everything Easy

-As we have been around for five years but have only recently began filling up the ad space and directory, we are offering ad space and Community Directory listings at discounted rates

-Discounts are at the discretion of the Media Acquisition Associate, with approval from their managers

-Easy sign on with credit card, with monthly billing automatically set up via our secure and reliable online system

One of my favorite pics. How much do you guess each support weighs? Anyone who can find the old docs wins a (small) prize! Staten Island Range Lighthouse Tour With U.S. Coast Guard On September 26, 2019, Lighthouse Hill, Staten Island.

One of my favorite pics. How much do you guess each support weighs? Anyone who can find the old docs wins a (small) prize! Staten Island Range Lighthouse Tour With U.S. Coast Guard On September 26, 2019, Lighthouse Hill, Staten Island.

Why List With Us in the Staten  Island Community Directory?

-Reach Islanders you are not presently reaching if you’re a SI, or even NYC or NJ business

-We have readers all over the borough in every town and neighborhood, as well as in NYC, and beyond

-Affordable, and really the most “bang for your buck” a small business can get in reaching Staten Island audiences

-Promote your established brand effectively before the local island audiences

-Help your reputation grow by increased visibility on a reputable community-based news platform

-Staten Islanders, New Yorkers, and New Jersey residents visit the directory seeking the cultural and business information in the directory, totally the opposite of ads, as some users don’t want to see them at all, and as a result some readers out there are now blocking online advertising

-Directory listings are NOT blocked by users’ browser ad blocking software

-NYC tourists visit the Staten Island community directory to find Staten Island cultural sites, as well as food, shopping, and more

-The Community Directory is prominently placed at the top of our front page at

-A static link from Staten Islander is a valuable way to drive traffic to your business

-A static link is also valuable for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, helping your organization to gain visibility online with Google

-You can help create a meaningful and more complete Community Directory resource for Islanders


Richmond County Fair 2019
40th Anniversary
Richmondtown, Staten Island, NYC, NY,USA

Media Placement (Further Details)

There are a 5 types of media placement:

1. L COLUMN or R COLUMN slots: There are two side column ad spaces, left and right. On cell phones, these are not very good ads, but one in particular is the best ad slot we offer on a phone, as well as being an extremely good side column slot on a laptop or desktop computer.

2. CENTER COLUMN FRONT PAGE slots: There is also the center ads between stories on the front page. You may purchase ads all the way down to story number 500. There is a guide to pricing.

Ad slots are worthwhile even well down on the page, as we do not use side columns for stories, but rather reserve this space for cultural information, and so all the main content is in the middle column. This means users typically scroll down well past the current week’s content.

3. CENTER COLUMN ARTICLE PAGE slots: There are also ads that appear on the article pages, but not the front page. These appear between paragraphs of a story.

4. UNIQUE PAGE(S) slots: There is an additional type of ad, one that makes the number of ads slots really not quite so finite, after all. This is the ad that appears on an individual page or on an individual story or article, or multiple hand-chosen pages.

An ad may be purchased to only appear on one story. This is a good match for businesses, say, selling sun screen placing ads on a story about skin damage that continues to garner many views weeks and months after initial publication. Or, an ad in the vaunted Community Directory itself between Beaches and Restaurants. (It is difficult to predict traffic to individual pages over time, so we make no guarantees with regard to unique page-type ads and page views. This is being sold without reference to traffic.)

5: DIRECTORY LISTING: The Community Directory is distinct! Not advertising, per se, but rather exposure via inclusion in a resource islanders and people beyond our shores seek out regularly for information, the directory listing is better for this reason than ads that users may block. There is no limit to the number of businesses that can be added, and we welcome listings for businesses in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bayonne and surrounding NJ towns local to the island. (Please remember that the Community Directory listings are recurring, and the client is billed monthly.)

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