NYS PAUSE At Day 100. Reopening Phase I

NYS PAUSE For COVID-19 At Day 100: Phase I Of Reopening Begins Today With Curbside Pickup

It’s already been one hundred days.

Have you been counting? Neither have I.

Finally, as we enter Phase I of IV, retailers deemed nonessential have again opened their doors.

This means a lot to the countless small businesses located across the five boroughs. And shoppers.

Nearly a half million workers return to their jobs today. To accommodate the sudden increase in people needing transportation options, buses and trains will resume their pre-pandemic schedule.

Construction, manufacturing, non-essential retail and wholesale merchants are now again open for business.

But there’s a catch. You really can’t go shopping…yet. If you’re a seasoned browser, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer.

You can again buy clothes. Sporting goods. Books. Furnishings. And, of course, jewelry.

There are two options available to Staten Islanders and residents citywide:

There’s delivery to the home. There’s curbside pickup. And that’s about it.

And subways will still be closed for cleaning between 1 and 5 AM. The Staten Island Ferry will be departing every thirty minutes during rush hour, otherwise the hourly schedule is still in place.

Office workers still cannot return to work. That’s set for Phase II.

The break from normal living is slowly coming to an end.

That’s great news for Staten Island small business owners, who did not take the order to remain closed lying down.

There had been numerous rallies across the island, as our many small businesses were left reeling. Locals including Steve Margarella, Bobby Catone, Sam Pirozzolo, Joe Caldarera,  Christine Salica, spoke at events, imploring Staten Islanders to stand together in challenging the idea that only some businesses were “essential,” claiming it was arbitrary that some big box stores were able to remain open while small businesses could not. (see article: Save Staten Island Small Business Rally In Annadale Draws Huge Crowd; Big Media Conspicuously Absent )

The process for determining what constituted a nonessential business seemed arbitrary and unfair, clearly favoring ‘Big Business,’ many claimed.

Governor Cuomo’s plan permits each of the ten New York State regions to open in predetermined phases depending upon when each reaches certain metrics concerning a decrease in Coronavirus deaths and more. There were seven categories in all. As of today, all regiond have met the minimum requirements for all seven categories.

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