Abolish The Police

Socialists Aiming To Defund The Police Run Counter To Socialist Ideals


Socialism. It’s a bad word these days.  But among many young people, it’s become quite popular.

Would defunding the police be a positive development, a step toward a better America?

Right now, NYPD personnel are protected by workers’ unions. And unions are socialist, by their very nature.

But socialist demonstrators are clamoring for police departments to be disbanded. They’re not thinking this through.

If we de-fund the police, or abolish the police altogether, as some claim is the answer to society’s ills, what will take its place?

I’m guessing Big Business. Privatized Police Forces.


It’s absurd to believe that a city can function without a police department. The police serve many vital roles.

True; policing may need to shift more toward helping communities than serving as a revenue collection service for municipalities, if it’s to remain relevant.

But are we going to see a cessation of all crime? Do the police create crime, then? Such a notion is absurd on its face.

While Black people advocate for change to how the Black community is policed, the real issue is over-policing of the underclass, including Black folks and all underprivileged people.

Sadly, a serious amount of criminal offenses happen in impoverished areas of the city. And so, the law abiding residents in those areas must deal with enhanced police presence.

They are better protected and safer, but they’re also sometimes considered a suspect. This, then, brings both positive and negative results.

A better question would instead concern why such areas have such high concentrations of Black and other POC, in the first place? Or, why do such areas of blight even exist in such a prosperous nation?

The issue is structural; economic inequality in our society is at an all time high.

When a handful of men have the same wealth as the bottom half of Americans, something is wrong.

The U.S. was created, in part, to deal with out-of-control transnational corporations and giant trusts.

Like the East India Trading Company. Anyone remember the Boston Tea Party?

Well, we’re back in that position. And, all these other issues, including policing, while vitally important, are peripheral, not causes, but rather results.

What will fill the vacuum if the police are abolished?

Once it’s discovered that cities still need police, will the cities rehire laid-off officers? Or is there another way? There is, in fact, an alternative.

Private policing. For-profit policing by corporations. Workers unprotected by workers’ unions. Quotas and work-flow incentives like you’ve never seen. No job security.

You think it’s bad now, wait until companies with strict output guidelines like Amazon, long known for its focus on worker efficiency, get into policing.

It’s good to have some elements of socialism, like city police and fire departments, libraries, public schools, road maintenance, national social security, and other services that help maintain social stability. Even the most capitalistic society has a place for all this.

We only need the high number of police in NYC that we presently have because of the kind of society we have built over time.

We love shiny things. We scoff at faith and goodness. And, we turn a blind eye to others’ suffering.

What’s of value in our society? Fame. Money.

Learning? Don’t make me laugh. Libraries are free and have been forever. So are many museums. And now, city colleges.

Why aren’t more families taking advantage of these resources? Our popular culture ascribes little value to them.

Education is an afterthought. Healthcare is free to only the poorest citizens, and only workers with full time jobs get it from their employers.

What about people working at a job where they’re only given 34 hours a week? The working poor are often forgotten.

We have lots of issues, it’s easy to see.

Slowly, we can shift toward a society where policing isn’t what it is today, owing to the fact that the rate of criminal activity has naturally fallen, due to society-wide changes.

But you can’t start with just removing the police while society still has all its problems and there are so many issues that need to be addressed first.

Police can serve a more positive role, but it’s society that must change first. We have police chiefs taking a knee with protesters. Walking with them chanting and holding signs. Is this 1965? Hardly.

Some people will still steal. Others will violate people in other ways and assault, rob, and rape victims. Run scams on the elderly. You get the idea.

No more police? There are some who will thrill at the prospect; don’t be naive and believe everyone means well.

Once we, as Americans, learn to respect one another’s boundaries better, maybe the police can take on novel roles, or we can begin decreasing the number of police officers, but we’re not there yet. Not even close.

It begins with re-evaluating our social programs and education. Eliminating waste. Evaluating failures.

Abolish The Police

Abolish The Police

In any case, using the NYPD to generate income for the city is wrong. Especially when it’s the residents who are the cash cows!

But if we lose our city-run police departments across the nation, expect something worse to fill the void.

After looting and riots caused many businesses to lose an as-yet-undetermined number of millions, possibly billions, now we should abandon policing?

Was that somehow a signal that society can fare perfectly well without our police forces? Quite the opposite!

It is undeniable that there is a difference between peaceful protest and violence and looting.

Nevertheless, arson and robberies did occur. How is all that negativity and crime sending a message that we, as a society, are somehow beyond the need for police?

When we lose city police and eventually end up with a privatized police force, everyone will be worse off.

And to me, that’s what’s at the end of this “abolish the police” path we’re presently toying with.

Someone sees an opportunity to cash in. I’m not blind.

It’s ironic that socialist protesters and idealistic young people will be the ones facilitating this money grab.



...hopefully I wrote this piece better than I take selfies. (Nepal) I enjoy delving into controversial subjects. Of course, I always welcome comments on my contributions to the Staten Islander.


  • Avatar Justin says:

    Very interesting article. I do not believe in socialism but you make some good points.

  • Avatar ...... says:

    author = commie

  • Avatar THEY LIE says:


  • Avatar Larry London says:

    Ahhh. But you forget that the police protect the wealth, and were created by the ruling class specifically to stop large defiant crowds.

    “”To put it in a nutshell: The authorities created the police in response to large, defiant crowds. That’s

    — strikes in England,
    — riots in the Northern US,
    — and the threat of slave insurrections in the South.

    So the police are a response to crowds, not to crime.””


    So socialism and the police are not compatible.

    • Avatar Casey says:

      This is only half true. The police were very helpful to workers. Read books like Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. Big companies would have their OWN private police they used against striking workers.You’d be lucky not to get shot or maimed.

      We have giant metropolises now. We need police. It’s really just a matter of what form the police will take. Abolishing the police is actually hurting the cause for Black people.

      This is what happens. It gets overly political and then NOTHING CHANGES. AOC, in her brilliance, said that changing the law for chokeholds and police won’t do anything. F**K HER! I am a progressive and she is a fraud! I once believed she wanted change but she is an egomaniac only concerned about her image and political future. Like all the rest.

      Abolishing the police is a silly idea. I’ve seen a bunch of videos suggesting BLM militia will patrol. HAHAH The same BLM that wants white people to get on their knees and apologize? You’ve lost this progressive as an ally. My white a*s isn’t going to bow to you or anyone I’m a Jew and we bow to no man.

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      OK. I’ll bite.

      Did you finish reading that article you posted?

      This is also from that site:

      The towns didn’t need cops because they had a high degree of social equality, which gave people a sense of mutual obligation. Over the years, class conflicts did intensify within the towns, but even so, the towns held together—through a common antagonism to the power of the nobles and through continued bonds of mutual obligation.

      Our cities have billionaires row adjacent to Harlem. Hardly the same situation.

      I for one don’t romanticize about a time when soap was about as rare as gold.

      From your same article:

      There still weren’t cops, but the richer classes began to resort to more and more violence to suppress the poor population. Sometimes the army was ordered to shoot into rebellious crowds, and sometimes the constables would arrest the leaders and hang them. So class struggle was beginning to heat up, but things really began to change when the Industrial Revolution took off in England.

      Very interesting article, in terms of history. I’m not a socialist and I still found it educative.

      • Avatar James says:

        D**n interesting article. I liked this part, tho it has nothing to do with this. Not trying to hijack your thread guys and ladies.

        But I ma Irish and found this part interesting:

        The Irish were segregated by neighborhood, often living alongside Blacks, who themselves were now about 5 percent of the population.

        Same article is the source. Ironic how we make up a good percentage of the police force and are always being called racist and privileged but we aren’t anything of the sort.

        I’m emailing the editors to ask if I can write about this or they can. Either way it’s an interesting topic.


      • Avatar James again says:

        Oh this is also from same article:

        There was also white harassment of black churches and theaters, sometimes rising to the level of riots. Poor immigrants were involved, but sometimes rich whites and the constables themselves took part. One anti-Black riot raged for three days in 1826, damaging Black houses and churches—along with houses and churches of white abolitionist ministers.

        So rioting once was about ruining the opposing party’s stuff. Hmm..In the 92 Los Angeles riots, they destroyed black stores. This time in NYC too.

  • Avatar 21st C vampire says:

    “But I ma Irish”

    haha Did you mean to do that James?

  • Avatar STOP YER WHINING says:

    Look the police, public schools, social services are all Leftist in nature. The police, as its officially run, in 2020, is about equality. If a police officer wrongs you, you can seek justice. And not just if your white. A black person can also. This isn’t the same police as there was 50 years ago. They are a left-abiding institution and hire whack white yellow brown etc. So just stop. And this Mayor and Gov will let you smoke weed and p**s in the street so cmon. They definitely are trying to not harass. But it’s never good enough.

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