Officers Pause For a Moment For A Group Photo

Meow! Meow! Kitty Cat Climbs Into Engine Compartment & NYPD Springs Into Action


Police officers from the 121 Precinct in Graniteville converged on Willowbrook Road one night earlier this week, only a few paces from the Forest Avenue intersection, alongside  Burger King.

The scene was bewildering, as officers were intently focused on a vehicle parked on the street. Officers were taking turns checking out the car, checking under the front end, reaching into the wheel wells.  Each was giving their own advice.

Was there an accident? A stolen car? Something more nefarious?

None of the above. While it’s no secret that the 121 has its fair share of serious crime, let it be known that no one can ever honestly claim that the officers at this  precinct ever neglect their duty to Protect and Serve the people of their neighborhoods.

No call is unimportant, no incident too odd.

So, what had happened, then?

It may not seem so serious to you, but to one little neighborhood child, nothing could have been more devastating. The worst thing in the world had just happened.

The Cat's Family Waits Nervously

The Cat’s Family Waits Nervously

A Hispanic child could be seen standing on the pavement, with her Mom and two other female adults, all four looking extremely worried.

They needed a helping hand and so they called the police. That’s what they’re there for, after all.

The girl’s little kitten had escaped her arms while she was carrying the furry feline while walking with her family, and the kitten decided it would be a good idea to climb up into the wheel well of a parked car, and find a cozy spot nestled on the warm engine block.

Maybe to a cat this sounds like a good idea, but then chasing a shadow is also a good idea to a cat. I can’t say I understand how a cat thinks. Definitely not.

Naughty Cat! You'd Better Think Twice Before Doing This Ever Again!

Naughty Cat! You’d Better Think Twice Before Doing This Ever Again! Officers In Foreground And Cat’s Family By The Fence

How in the world could this have even happened?

There’s nothing more stressful than a cat-astrophic act, a spur of the moment choice by a pointy-eared fluffball.

This is worse, even, than a cat stuck up in a tree. Sure; it looks fun up there where the squirrels are scurrying about, but you didn’t consider your fear of heights, little kitty, did you now?!

Solving that issue is as easy as climbing a ladder, grabbing the cat, and coming down.

Taking A Break For A Second For A Few Snapshots

Taking A Break For A Second For A Few Snapshots

The first officers responding to the call tried, but could not get the cat out.

And, so others arrived. And, still more officers. Still, no luck.

Of course, the issue was that the car was locked, and opening the hood was not a possibility.

And, a cat can squeeze into crevices that a human arm just isn’t able to.

The cat’s tiny owner looked on nervously, hoping her feline friend would soon emerge.

Police Officers From the 121 Come To The Aid Of a Cat Stuck Under The Hood Of A Parked Car In Port Richmond Center

Police Officers From the 121 Come To The Aid Of a Cat Stuck Under The Hood Of A Parked Car In Port Richmond Center

The officers assured the girl and those with her that all would be well.

The kitten could be heard meowing loudly from beneath the car’s hood, as if to say, “I’m Okay!”

Thankfully, the kitten was still safe. But she still wasn’t ready to come out yet.

Was this a case of hide-and-go-seek, kitten-style? Did the cat find this funny? We hope not.

A tow company had been called to help lift the car and help facilitate the cat’s removal by creating more space for officers to reach under the wheel well and apprehend the naughty  cat.

We asked if we could take a few photos while the officers waited for the tow truck to arrive.

They gladly obliged, and so we have a few images from the event, a very strange call none of the officers will likely forget any time soon.

As our world unravels, and the COVID-19 crisis fades to an unspectacular close, our new new reality is all about protests and demonstrations focusing on the death of  George Floyd in Minnesota.

If you plan on protesting, do so respectfully. It’s your right as an American to express your views.

But your rights end at the point when you’re committing crimes in the name of social justice and begin infringing on others’ rights.  It doesn’t even make sense that negativity will bring positive results.

Keep in mind that the NYPD already had enough to deal with before  all this.

Trying to carry out contradictory orders from City Hall about COVID-19 social distancing policing.

Reluctantly carrying out enforcement ordered, again, by City Hall, directed at keeping small businesses closed.

Dealing with a city where everyone is now masked, something that we’ve been told is necessary, but couldn’t have made their job easier in any way.

All the while, fighting crime and keeping our streets safe.

Give the police officers a break. Most are good people doing their best each day to help make Staten Island a great place to live, shop, and play. They are on the job because they wanted to help.

Show your appreciation by saying thank you.

Let them know you are intelligent and kind enough not to stereotype and profile them, just as you wouldn’t want them stereotyping and profiling you.

Do you pray? If so, pray for these men and women; they have a tough job ahead of them.

If you don’t pray, send your good vibes. To them. To all of us. The United States could use it right now.

And maybe think about keeping your cat on a leash.

Yes; it’s a thing. Google it.








  • Kandy Krusher Kandy Krusher says:

    Hilarious! Yes, hope you guys and gals stay safe out there. I hope Staten Islanders are smarter than the ppl doing all this b***s*** everywhere.

  • Avatar Justin Marino says:

    Nice to see news about NYPD that isn’t just negative. I see the ladies and the kid are brown and black people.

    I am so disgusted by this. For one, I am a union guy and support the socialist party. Tough luck if you don’t like it.

    Second, socialism and the real Left has nothing at all to do with burning down cities.

    George Floyd died, we get it. Any decent person would want to see the cop who’s responsible in a jail cell.

    But it doesn’t make me racist to think these people stealing sneakers and coats are doing it in memory of George Floyd. Give me a f****g break, people.

    If you want to see change, get out there and protest. If you can’t draw the line between a protest and a riot or a good cop and a bad one, you need to sit down and think about a few things.

    None of the cops in this pic were racist. You can just tell. They helped these people with the cat just as they would have if they were white. Stop fanning flames of hate and pretending its about social justice or some higher good.

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