UFO. Image Credit-Kristian Mollenborg. License By CC 2.0

UFOs Real! ONI Has Been Secretly Studying, Reporting On Vehicles From Beyond Earth All Along


The Office of Naval Intelligence which now runs the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, has decided on more transparency for the American pubic regardless its findings.

It turns out, those Unidentified Flying Objects, or OVNIs (Objet Volant Non-Identifié in French), that you saw in third grade were really some far out phenomena.

And, no, it wasn’t swamp gas. Or a weather balloon. Those were just some of the tall tales told to the American public when the U.S. military wasn’t so forthcoming about what was happening in our skies.

The revelations don’t stop with what was observed in the sky by civilians on the ground and Air Force pilots alike; apparently there has been research into objects we Earthlings in 2020 “couldn’t make ourselves” and “vehicles not made on this earth.”

This is big news. People were called “tin foil hatters” for thinking life could exist outside our planet’s atmosphere. However, the universe is colossally large, and it’s inconceivable that life has only arisen on our humble water-covered ball of rock and dirt.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has called for this UAPTF to release an update to the public every six months.

But when will they tell all? It’s highly unlikely they will any time soon. But at least now we know, and that changes everything.

This should be one of the biggest game changers in the history of the human race.

We are not alone. And, aliens are more than advanced that bacteria hiding within rocks on Mars. Apparently, we’re not the smartest kids on the block, either.

These alien craft are beyond what we are capable of manufacturing. There’s a lot we have yet to learn about chemistry, physics, and other sciences, without a doubt.

Perhaps these vehicles are grown, like people and animals and plants. Who knows.

The New York Times revealed all this yesterday, but the Times of India has been reporting on alleged UFO sightings as fact for the last ten years.

According to past reports in the Indian paper of record, the mountain range between India and China hosts an underground alien base.

The Pentagon’s secret UFO program, which was supposedly disbanded years ago, has been operating all along, flying under the radar as it were.

A Pentagon spokesperson had this to say on the matter, “The DOD takes seriously all threats and potential threats to our people, our assets, and our mission and takes action whenever credible information is developed.”

After all, an alien race, or races, might be benign, helpful, or even hostile. Some aliens might have made pacts and alliances with foreign governments. Or, they could have shared advanced technologies with our enemies.

Others might be after the planet’s gold or other resources. Some, in fact, might be after our world, realizing that planets in the “sweet spot” like our, just the right distance from the right type of sun for water to both melt and freeze, having a tide-creating moon, essentially possessing the requirements for carbon-based life, are not quite common.

Most disturbingly, is the possibility that aliens are seeking to enslave our race. After all, we’re no longer dealing with whether it’s all true, but what the precise details and facts are. A different game, altogether.

Acting chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and former Republican presidential primary candidate in 2016, Marco Rubio, is quite concerned.

Apparently rumors that UFOs have been buzzing U.S. Armed Force installations and military bases are true.

What if the craft are from Russia or China? These possibilities are just as disturbing as above-mentioned scenarios; that would mean that the U.S. is lagging in technological know-how, and we are at a distinct disadvantage.

There were other projects. Like Project Blue Book. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. And, likely many others. Apparently, the U.S. government has been studying these phenomena behind the scenes for over fifty years.

Former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, one of individuals that helped create the UFO program, told the NYT that, “…After looking into this, I came to the conclusion that there were reports — some were substantive, some not so substantive — that there were actual materials that the government and the private sector had in their possession…It is extremely important that information about the discovery of physical materials or retrieved craft come out.”

So were there items of extraterrestrial origin or not? Clearly, the answer is affirmative.

Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist formerly working as a consultant to the Pentagon UFO program, claims, “We couldn’t make [these materials] ourselves.” The investigations remain classified, however, David did share with the Times that he briefed various Senate committees on these unidentified objects as recently as October of 2019.

The cat’s out of the bag.

UFO. Image Credit-Kristian Mollenborg. License By CC 2.0

UFO. (Not really!) Image Credit-Kristian Mollenborg. License By CC 2.0

Those strange lights so many have seen in the sky for so many thousands of years are not shooting stars, they’re not planes, and they’re certainly not superman coming to save the day.

Have you ever seen them? Disc-shaped crafts that shine in the sun and look dull pewter when in the shadows, zipping across the skies, making unbelievable maneuvers that our own aircraft couldn’t possible do.

But are these physical craft? Inter-dimensional beings? Advanced races that created more than we could imagine? The possibilities are tantalizing.

Perhaps science fiction will lose some of its appear now that we are in a world where we know such phenomena exist.

The Madonna and Child with the Infant St. John, a fifteenth century painting which has various theories as to who its creator was, seems to depict a spacecraft in the skies.

Are these the conveyances of the angels? Is this something beyond our comprehension?

Some UFOs seem to pop into existence from nowhere, and then disappear only to reappear elsewhere in the sky. It’s baffling.

Are they from Mars or another planet in our solar system? Or, another part of the Milky Way galaxy?

Are the aliens like us? Are they machines?

Do there exist both extra-terrestrially based craft and inter-dimensional conveyances?

Are there still others fabricated by a government, or governments, of Earth, using borrowed technology from cooperating aliens, or tech stolen from crashed craft as blueprints?

Could there be a sub-surface civilizations, human or otherwise, that have endured cataclysms on Earth that pre-date our 10,000 year old human world, that have their own UFOs? Or could aliens live underground, and these are their UFOs?

Enduring civilizations probably do not live on the surface of planets.

These are all possibilities; none are mutually exclusive.

Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagon’s program, told the New York Times, “[The UFO program] no longer has to hide in the shadows…It will have a new transparency.”

Many Americans will shrug their shoulders and say they knew all along.

After all, seeing is believing, and if you’ve seen a UFO, you know it wasn’t a mirage. Almost everyone you know has either seen these aerial phenomena, or knows other people who have. Some say that if you stay outside long enough observing the skies, it’s inevitable that you’ll see one.

It’s time greater transparency has arrived. It’s the twenty-first century, after all.



...hopefully I wrote this piece better than I take selfies. (Nepal) I enjoy delving into controversial subjects. Of course, I always welcome comments on my contributions to the Staten Islander.


  • Avatar Greg Finch says:

    I read this paper carefully b/c I know you guys know something. That much is obvious. Every once in a while you casually drop some info that turns out to be spot on. I will say, Staten Islander is hands down the sketchiest news site I’ve ever found.

  • Avatar Jimmy the Seahorse says:

    HAHA This article covers all the bases. So which scenario is the actual case? I know more than a handful of Naval Intelligence officers and they’ve told me about UFO’s for the last 30 years. They had tons of stories. At first I thought they were just pulling my leg. After a while I figured out they were not kidding around. There are UFO’s. My question is what are they doing? Ben Shapiro says that if aliens were here, they’d let themselves be known. Would they though? What if we had nothing to offer them? What if they’re more spiritually advanced and see us as animals? What if that’s what Moses followed in the desert and these are the beings that made us for God?

  • Avatar Deer Hunter says:

    I have seen these lights in the sky. Watched one go down into the ocean and come back up dripping with water. yes they are grey like lead and shiny in the sun. I’ve actually seen more than I can count. I have photos and everything. I’ve seen more wild s**t that you would believe.

    I have no desire to go public because I understand that this is real and there’s just no point. I don’t want any men in black showing up at my door.

    Oh and I was not drunk or on drugs. I’ve seen them alone. I’ve seen them with as many as three other guys out hunting in the woods. I’ve seen them on my boat. Look its real. Time to deal with reality.

  • Avatar ONI is the real real says:

    ONI? Most Americans have NO IDEA what this is. That’s some super top-secret outfit, I’ll tell you what. You think the C.I.A. is sketched out? It’s NOTHING compared with ONI. Seriously. These are the REAL PATRIOTS who would, and have, died for their country and are about as spooky as it gets. Naval Intelligence or Air Force Intelligence is where you want to go, kids, if you’re super smart, love your country, and want to know the TRUTH about everything.

  • Avatar Nuisance Gregory says:

    “Oh and I was not drunk or on drugs.”

    Admit that you hit the crack stem only moments before, though.


  • Avatar Geogrie Jetzon says:

    Never seen ONI in a headline before. Now that some sketched out outfit. But then again, ONI is old, older than most oher intel agencies. Then again, the NSA was COMPLETELY unknown to the public for such a long time, you should know that reality is always more complex than it looks.

    U.F.O.s? Sure they exist! Here’s some clues:

    1. Earth is not flat

    2. There are 86 dimensions to our universe, not 4.

    3. U.F.O.s travel much as children’s book author author Madeleine L’Engle described as ‘tesseract.’ Look it up.

    4. TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Avatar Peachtree Bryan says:

    If you, dear reader, knew what was really going on, your head would fall off. HAHAHA No, seriously. You have NO IDEA.

    • Avatar Nancy Nancy says:

      What in the F**K did I just walk into (very late) here in this comment section? Was this an unofficial hang for old spooks or something? W T F

      How about this one:
      The weird sounds over Staten Island in 2021?
      What’s THAT about?
      I’m sure you guys know.
      My guess is superjets.

      But then again, I’m just an average gal, not James Bond as some commenters apparently are/were.

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