Staten Islander Walks: A Walking Tour of the Serpentine Art and Nature Commons

Video by Pat
This video is the beginning of a new series, called Staten Islander Walks: A New Series Of Walking Tours Across The Island And Beyond.

This first video in the series features a walking tour of the Serpentine Art and Nature Commons. Located on van Duzer Street in Stapleton Heights, the Art and Nature Commons is a land trust non-profit, currently run by John Garcia. We previously interviewed John Garcia about this park and other topics. You can see that original article here.

This public space offers breathtaking scenic views of the Verrazzanno Bridge, the community surrounding the commons, and parts of Brooklyn and New York City.

Serpentine Art and Nature Commons area map. Image Credit - Mmaselli on Wikipedia

Serpentine Art and Nature Commons area map. Image Credit – Mmaselli on Wikipedia

This parkland is well-hidden, and most Staten Islanders do not know of its existence.  It will offer community events, and provides a compost pile that the community can contribute to (diverting garbage from landfills is a great way to reduce your personal pollution footprint).  It is a public space, with well-marked trails for hiking, and much of the hike is uphill.

It is a peaceful and tranquil place, essentially in the middle of a bustling city on Staten Island.  The ancient serpentine rocks add to its charm, and one could sit or hike for hours in this pristine area.

Copy by Hannah Moller 


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