The ALICE Project: An Interview With Keith Barsuhn of the United Way


ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. These are the people in our towns and cities who make just enough to get by, but not enough to pay for an emergency or to thrive.

They are nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants, baristas, home health aides, and others who have received an education, usually college level, but are working for minimum wage. These are the working poor.

They do not meet the Federal Poverty Guideline, but they are classified by taking into account the actual cost of living in their area, versus their income.

45% of the residents of New York State are classified as living below the ALICE threshold. ALICE families can be of any ethnicity.

Nationwide, the percentage of families in all states living below ALICE but above the FPL (referenced above) are 27% White, 44% Hispanic, 44% Black, and 27% Asian, along with several other ethnicities calculated.

See our previous article, for a Press Release about the ALICE Project from the United Way, for further details about the project.


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