A doctor holds coronavirus vaccine ampule and text cloud with Covid 19 vaccine manufacturer company names. Image Credit - Marco Verch Professional Photographer

Will The Vaccine Mandate Stick? Federal, Local Court Cases Cast Doubt Upon Its Legality. Update On Current Legal Challenges

The forces of medical technocracy are getting desperate. On November 6, the Fifth Circuit Federal Court froze Joe Biden’s mandate on businesses to compel experimental mRNA vaccines on their employees. The Washington Post called it “a major blow” to the White House biosecurity agenda, and it wouldn’t be the last—the court came back the following week and renewed the freeze again, explaining that the anti-mandate lawsuits are, “likely to succeed on the merits.”

And so the global network of Covid authoritarianism looks ready to strike back with what its officials call a “dark winter.” New lockdowns have now come down on Austria and the Netherlands. as well as Australia (which was supposed to be abandoning its failed “Covid Zero” strategy). Meanwhile in New York, we get more psychological operations: white hate infiltrators try to hijack medical freedom demonstrations, while the new African-American mayor tries to lull his vaccine-skeptical community into complacency.

But do the Covidians really have the upper hand? Can they hold on to hearts and minds when the world saw that the White House press secretary herself lacked immunity despite living in a fully-vaxxed bubble? And when healthy young pro-vaxxers like Marc Lamont Hill suddenly come down with blood clots, can we really say we know what’s safe?1

World Wide Walkout Protest September 1, 2021. Image Credit - GoToVan Licensed by <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">CC</a>

World Wide Walkout Protest September 1, 2021. Image Credit – GoToVan Licensed by CC

We’re told that the Delta variant is to blame for breakthrough cases of course, but The Times of London reports that the mutation was never invincible—India appears to have obtained herd immunity to the variant by June of this year, well before majority vaccination. We’re often told that this virus is comparable to the great H1N1 influenza of 1918, but Covid’s fatality rate is much closer to the forgotten 1968-69 flu pandemic. That last fact was noted by Matthew Memoli MD, a senior National Institutes of Health vaccine researcher who is currently risking his job over his prerogative to decline the mRNA injection. (Memoli may not be alone: When the head of the Center for Disease Control was asked in a Senate hearing what percentage of her staff were vaccinated, she dodged the question.) How far has Dr. Fauci’s star fallen when he can’t even control the staff of his own organization?

Covid mandates are viewed as creeping socialism both by the far-right (which despises them) and the far-left (which supports them), but many Americans are beginning to see them for what they are: a form of corporate welfare. Oxfam has noted that Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer “are directly dependent on government support to…buy their products, and Dr. Marcia Angell affirms that pharmaceutical companies are “utterly dependent on government-granted monopolies in the form of patents and (FDA)–approved exclusive marketing rights.”

Shortly before the pandemic, the vaccine Prevnar became Pfizer’s most profitable product. Pfizer is one of the largest donors to the CDC Foundation, while Big Pharma overall is the largest lobbying group in Washington, outspending Big Oil by two to one. Dr. Angell, former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, notes that the industry has “nearly limitless influence over medical research, education, and how doctors do their jobs.” This is the context in which an expensive mRNA product was rammed at “warp speed” through emergency authorization, and then mandated universally, sidelining less expensive treatments. The corporations have reaped tens of billions of dollars in profit so far due to vax-mania, with Moderna reporting an unprecedented 60% profit margin. In the context of such corrupt and perverse incentives, people shouldn’t be asked why they don’t trust the vaccine, they should be asked why in the world should they?

And so resistance is spreading. Sports heroes Kyrie Irving and Aaron Rodgers hold the line, and pro-vaccine TV host Bill Maher publicly said he would not take the booster shot. In the last week, Teachers for Choice won a small but promising battle in court when the city government admitted that some terms of its mandate are unconstitutional and more religious exemptions are being considered.

Anti-Vaccine activist spread fear about COVID Vaccines. Image Credit - Marco Verch Professional Photography. Licensed by <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/">CC</a>

Anti-Vaccine activists spread fear about COVID Vaccines. Image Credit – Marco Verch Professional Photography. Licensed by CC

Thousands of New Yorkers in both the public and private sectors left their jobs this year rather than submit to forced medical experimentation. We understand that economic times are precarious and not everyone can do this, but there are two other ways people can help resist medical tyranny right now:

Firstly, if you are an unionized employee whose federation has not taken a firm stand against these mandates, exercise your legal right to leave the union while retaining your job and benefits. Hundreds have already left the United Federation of Teachers and sought alternative representation. The directions for withdrawal at our website, TeachersForChoice.org, should work for your union as well.

Secondly, come to our massive demonstration Saturday at Central Park West and 65th St. There’ll be great speakers—including Naomi Wolf, Kevin Jenkins, and numerous labor leaders—great music, and a march to Foley Square. The medical oligarchs may want a dark winter, but we’ll be burning bright and free.

  1. Defenders of the mRNA injections claim that such reactions are exceedingly rare, based on the numbers in CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)—but a peer-reviewed study in the journal Toxicology Reports states that, “at best, VAERS is underreporting by a factor of 20.”

Banner Image: A doctor holds coronavirus vaccine ampule and text cloud with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturer company names. Image Credir – Marco Verch Professional Photographer. Licensed by CC

Garrett Ramirez

Garret Ramirez is a paraprofessional with 15 years experience working with Special Education students in NYC public schools. He is also a member of the steering committee for Teachers for Choice, a medical freedom activist group comprised of teachers and parents who are 100% against medical mandates, especially ones that may risk the loss of a job.

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