Curtis Sliwa Makes Guest Appearance On Gutfeld! On Fox News Network

Curtis Sliwa was on Gutfeld! last night. He discussed several issues important to New Yorkers, but especially stressed the similarities between people who are on the oppposite sides of the aisle.

For example, when a Conservative agrees with something that AOC says, because perhaps it is intelligent or accurate, they should not be accused of betraying the party. This is, however, the case right now. If a Conservative agrees with anything a Liberal says, they are accused of being a “Judas” and betraying the party.

He also contended that Libertarians and Liberals have a lot in common. In contradistinction to Progressives and Conservatives, who he says have very little in common, Liberals and Libertarians have a lot in common regarding social issues (such as poverty, gay and lesbian issues, equality, etc.). As “free agents” we should not be so entrenched in our views, but should seek more common ground in politics so that more change can happen.

He also discussed the recent passing of one of his 17 cats(!!). Her name was Hope, and she passed a short time ago. As a politician who “puts his money where his mouth is,” Hope and most of the other cats he has in his care were rescues slated for euthanizing. One of the major issues during his campaign was an overhaul of the New York City animal shelter system.

Curtis Sliwa currently supports Andrew Guiliani in his race for governor of New York State. You can find out more about Curtis Sliwa by visiting his new website.

Banner Image: Screenshot Of Curtis Sliwa On Gutfeld! 


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