Termination Deadline Has Arrived For NYC Workers Who Are Unvaccinated; Pharmacy Corruption Bill Update

NYC Deadline Day for 3K Unvaxed Workers, and Ending Hospital Corruption of 340B

New York City on Friday is expected to fire as many as 3,000 municipal workers who have refused to get coronavirus vaccines.

They make up a small fraction of the city’s employees — less than 1 percent. But they would probably represent the most drastic example of a workforce reduction tied to a coronavirus vaccine mandate. Mayor Eric Adams has said that he would prefer not to fire the unvaccinated, but by remaining so, they were “quitting,” reports the NY Times.

They are not going quietly. Hundreds marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday, chanting that the city should end the mandate and carrying signs that said “Unvaccinated Lives Matter” and “Fire Fauci.”

Bravest For Choice Firefighter who wants to work. Image Credit - Bravest for Choice

Bravest For Choice Firefighter who wants to work. Image Credit – Bravest for Choice

In his recent article Fauci Must Go,” RealClear Health, former FDA Associate Commissioner Peter Pitts explains why Fauci has been a problem for the Administration.

“At this moment in time, Dr. Fauci is not the guy to address our nation’s most pressing public health problem – convincing unvaccinated Americans to take the plunge. In fact, he has become the bête noire of the anti-vax movement,Pitts said.

Ending Hospital and Pharmacy Corruption of 340B

In today’s TownHall article Pitts also tackles, “Ending the Corruption at the Heart and Soul of 340B.”

When it comes to many hospitals, what they’re “all in together” is a scheme to exploit a valuable federal drug discount program intended for the poor in order to pad their own pockets, Pitts writes.

And it’s been going on for decades.

The program in question is the 340B Drug Pricing Program — and the spirit of the legislation was to improve low-income patients’ access to prescription drugs. But, according to a new report from the Berkeley Consulting Group (BRG), 340B has become a significant source of undeserved revenue for hospitals and for-profit pharmacies gaming the system, Pitts continues.

When it comes to 340B, the “B” has, unfortunately, come to mean “Bottom line” and that bastardization of the original legislative intent cannot stand

If lawmakers are serious about helping people afford their prescriptions, they can start by cracking down on this unethical, anti-patent, self-dealing behavior.

Banner Image: Truckers Freedom Convoy In Canada Fighting For Freedom Of Choice. Image Credit – Naomi Mckinney

Peter Pitts

Fmr. FDA Associate Commissioner President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) Visiting Professor at the University of Paris School of Medicine. Fmr. member of the United States Senior Executive Service. Named one of the 300 “most powerful people in American healthcare,” by Modern Healthcare Magazine

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