Marcy Houses Winter Wonderland Celebration Event by the Salvation Army. Image Credit - The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Toy Giveaway And Valentine’s Day Immersion Experience Videos Posted


Video of the NYCHA Marcy Houses Toy Giveaway in December 
The first part of the above video was taken by the Salvation Army at their NYCHA Marcy Houses toy giveaway event for kids in the houses.  The second part was taken at the Salvation Army Port Richmond Corps on Staten Island.  The Marcy Houses event was an annual one, with cakes, cookies, toys, games, and music.  The Staten Island event was a quieter, socially distanced event where only a few people were allowed in at any given time.  They also had extra toys for other children whose families were not able to register in time.


The above video is of the Love Beyond display, which was set up as an immersion experience in Rockefeller Center in New York City.  The display featured videos, photos, and stories of those who have been helped by the Salvation Army during its existence.

The Salvation Army continues to be a lifeline and source of support of the New York community.  All branches stepped up to meet the increased need of those whose financial struggles were severely impacted due to the pandemic.  Many of these families have not recovered economically, and the Salvation Army continues to be there for them, providing help where they can.

When thinking about giving to causes for the poor and homeless, it helps to remember that these issues are more permanent ones, related to housing, equity, job opportunities, and other factors that make it harder for some people to get back on their feet again.  It is easier for some than for others, and the Salvation Army helps all who come to them for assistance as best they can.





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