Max Rose Endorsed For Congress By End Citizens United // Let America Vote

Rose, a leading anti-corruption advocate, refuses corporate PAC and federal lobbyist money

End Citizens United // Let America Vote (ECU // LAV) last week endorsed former Congressman Max Rose for Congress in New York’s 11th congressional district. Rose ran on an anti-corruption platform in 2018 and 2020 and was a leader in the introduction and passage of the For the People Act (H.R.1) in the 116th Congress.

Just as he did in 2018 and 2020, Rose is once again refusing money from corporate PACs and federal lobbyists, proving that he will be accountable solely to the people of New York. During his time in Congress, he fought for the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn, and against the corporate special interests that hold too much power in Washington. In 2019, he introduced a bill that would ban the drug manufacturers that fueled the opioid epidemic from spending their corporate PAC money in our elections.

Max Rose At Park. Image Credit - Max Rose

Max Rose At Park. Image Credit – Max Rose

“Max Rose is an anti-corruption champion who has worked tirelessly to make government work for the people of New York. From rejecting corporate PAC money to playing a leading role in pushing one of the most important anti-corruption agendas in generations, Max Rose is working day-in and day-out to ensure big money special interests can no longer use their money and influence to line their own pockets while hard-working New York families are left out to dry,” said End Citizens United // Let America Vote President Tiffany Muller. “His commitment to rooting out corruption and ensuring that Congress is working to help people lower their healthcare costs and rebuild from the pandemic is exactly why we are so proud to endorse Max Rose. We look forward to seeing him return to Congress.”

Rose’s GOP opponent, Congresswoman and former lobbyist Nicole Maliotakis, has spent her short time in Congress giving in to the worst of Washington. One of the first votes she cast was to overturn the results of the free and fair 2020 election and silence the voice of millions of Americans. She’s followed that up by doing corporate America’s bidding. When corporate-backed dark money groups said to vote no, she followed their lead and voted against proposals to lower the cost of prescription drugs, ensure the wealthy finally pay their fair share in taxes, and rebuild our economy. While Congresswoman Malliotakis has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporations, including from big pharma and the fossil fuel industry, Max Rose has not, is not, and never will take a single penny from corporations, ensuring that unlike Congresswoman Malliotakis, he’ll always vote for the people of New York.

Max Rose At Pride Center Press Conference. Image Credit - Max Rose

Max Rose At Pride Center Press Conference. Image Credit – Max Rose

“I am so honored to be endorsed by such an incredible organization that is truly a champion of ending corruption in American politics,” said Max Rose. “I am incredibly proud to say that in my five years in public life, I have never accepted money from corporate PACs or federal lobbyists. I went to Washington D.C. with an agenda of getting dark money out of our politics and that is why I was the co-Chair of the End Corruption Caucus alongside Congresswoman Katie Porter, and introduced the Lobbyist Loophole Closure Act, which would bring to light the special interest groups who operate in the shadows. The only way to enact change is to ensure that our government and our elected officials are working for the people, and not for those who have the most money. I cannot wait to continue working with End Citizens United and Let America Vote to root out corruption in politics.”

ECU // LAV is a leading anti-corruption and voting rights group. The grassroots-funded political action committee raised and spent $65.5 million in the 2020 election cycle to elect candidates fighting to limit the influence of Big Money in politics and protect the freedom to vote. ECU // LAV has more than four million members nationwide, including over 5,000 in NY-11.

Banner Image: Max Rose and Family. Image Credit – Max Rose

Tina Olechowski

Tina Olechowski is the Communications Director. Before coming to ECU // LAC, Tina served as the Regional Political Director for the House Majority PAC and as a Senior National Communications Advisor for the Amy McGrath for Senate campaign. She has extensive and wide-ranging campaign experience serving in communications, paid media and research roles including serving as the Research Director and Communications Advisor for Governor Steve Bullock’s successful re-election campaign in 2016, developing paid media strategies for competitive Senate, Gubernatorial, Congressional and state Supreme Court races across the country as a Senior Media Associate at A|L Media, and working as Research Associate at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Tina is from Brooklyn, NY and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Fordham University and a Master’s degree in Political Economy from New York University.


  • Avatar Donald James says:

    This article was a completely biased snow job, talking up Max Rose and shooting down Nicole Malliotakis. Maybe you should hire writes that reflect the majority political view on Staten Island.

    • Avatar Desiree says:

      Mr. James, I don’t mind seeing all different views on here. Free speech. The way I see it, we should all listen to all views and then decide which make sense. I identify as as elephant, sir! Oh, I mean I vote Republican. (I figure these days anytihng goes, so…why NOT an elephant? Don’t worry, I’m nopt planning on getting tusks and a trunk! haha)

      Oh, and, that doesn’t mean I even like Ms. Malliotakis. (She’s alright.) The point is, if what the writer says is true,fine. Some people care about funding. It’s not a secret. Anyone can look up that info, but most people are too lazy! lol

      I actually like seeing debate. Reminds me of high school debates.

      • Satanic Imp Satanic Imp says:

        Debate is an act representing the Satanic Spirit of Freedom!!

        I also would rather see all views in print on here.

  • The Liar The Liar says:

    I mean why not? I don’t even know what “dark money” is because the author didn’t explain. Sounds kinda racist to me….hmmm…..

    I mean, if it isn’t a direct reference, at the very least it’s language that is designed to evoke images of “dark as bad.”

    Maybe I’ve been watching too many BLM videos lately. 😐

  • The Liar The Liar says:

    “ensure the wealthy finally pay their fair share in taxes, and rebuild our economy”

    Just couldn’t resist. I’ll bite. Firstly, we have a deficit that is just going up and up. They destroyed small business with lockdowns that even a Johns Hopkins study found do nothing!!!!At least we still have Applebees! 😐

    More taxes…more taxes…more inflation…more inflation…

    spend spend spend

    The wealthy make their money work for them. They pay all kinds of taxes and fees!! Is the author joking? This is just a tired meme!!!!

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