Democratic Congressional Candidate Submits Proposal To Curb Gas Prices, Provide Economic Relief For Working People


Former Army Captain Brittany Ramos DeBarros Proposes Plan To Curb Gas Prices and War-Profiteering, Providing Economic Safety For Working People

NEW YORK—Brittany Ramos DeBarros, Working Families Party-endorsed Democratic candidate for New York’s 11th Congressional District, released the following statement calling for the Biden Administration to temporarily establish price controls on oil and natural gas in order to immediately protect American families and small businesses:

“Staten Island and Brooklyn families, just like many other families around the U.S., are being hurt by rapidly rising gasoline and natural gas prices. Meanwhile, fossil fuel companies are collecting increasingly huge excess war profits. As a combat veteran, I know the costs of war, both on the battlefield and at home. We need solutions that take swift action to reduce the economic harm currently being caused to our families and to our communities.

“Increasing U.S. fossil fuel production will also not solve the problem in the long or short-run.

Have No Fear Gas Receipt. Image Credit - Dylan Hunter

Have No Fear Gas Receipt. Image Credit – Dylan Hunter

“President Biden was right when he said, ‘It’s not time for profiteering or price gouging.’ But just asking companies to hold down prices won’t work. The best way to stop price increases is with price controls. It’s been done before throughout history to shield the American economy and it’s the best way to ensure defensive and humanitarian efforts to protect Ukraine can continue while reducing pain and harm to working families.

“To get action, we need to show broad support, which is why I’ve started a petition demanding price controls now and I urge people and organizations around the country to sign on.”

Banner Image: Gas Prices Surging. Image Credit – Yassine Khalfalli


Brittany Ramos DeBarros

I’m a proud Afro-Latina Staten Islander, a community organizer, and an Army combat veteran running to fight for NY-11 in Congress. I moved to Staten Island with my husband when I returned from war and immediately fell in love with this beautiful, quirky, and diverse island. It is the only home that we have known in our adult lives. I’m running for Congress because at every turn of my life, I’ve seen broken promises from leaders and systems that fail my communities.

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