Self-Combustion Of Stored Corn Tote Responsible For Factory Fire Of Azure Standard


Editor’s Note: Azure Standard, a family farm and independent distributor of whole food products such as nuts, grains, corn, and other essentials, had a fire in their headquarters facility on April 22nd.  According to Food Processing Magazine:

“There have been what seems like an unusual number of major fires in food processing facilities so far this year: The Gem State Processing potato plant in Heyburn, Idaho, on April 13 caught fire when an airplane struck it; the headquarters of Azure Standard, a distributor of organic food in Dufur, Oregon, was destroyed by fire April 19; Shearer’s Foods, the salty snack company, suffered a explosion and fire at its plant in Hermiston, Oregon on Feb. 22. And there’s plenty more.”

The Azure Standard facility after the fire. Image Credit - Azure Standard

The Azure Standard facility after the fire. Image Credit – Azure Standard

Thankfully, this fire produced no injuries or deaths.  However, it did destroy their headquarters facility, along with the products that were being processed or stored there.  The company’s CEO and founder David Stetzer, issued the following statement:

“While the HQ facility is a total loss, and a few product lines will be affected for the short term, other Azure Standard facilities are operating as close to normal as possible. Most importantly, we are grateful no one was injured. Our dedication to providing the highest quality food and products will continue as always. We ask for your patience and prayers as we take steps to adjust and rebuild. We appreciate our Azure community and the many expressions of support we are receiving and will continue to update our vendors and customers as needed. We expect the impact to be short-term, limited in scope and manageable.”

Following is the press release from Azure Standard regarding the conclusion of the investigation by the fire marshal.  Arson has been ruled out, as apparently corn that is stored improperly in bales can spontaneously self-combust under the right conditions, which apparently existed on the day of the fire.

The following is a video of the fire:


Azure Standard press release regarding the fire.

Azure Standard press release regarding the fire.

Banner Image: Azure Standard Fire. Image Credit – Azure Standard


Azure Standard

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