NAMI NYC Supports Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) Awareness Week This Week


NAMI NYC Staten Island is proud to support Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) Awareness Week during the first full week of May (May 1-7).
It’s critical that supporting people living with mental health conditions remains a focus. As 2022 marks the fifth year recognizing TD Awareness Week, we want to strengthen our efforts together as leading voices of support for the approximately 600,000 people in the U.S. affected by TD.
Some people living with a mental health condition may also experience TD, a condition that includes uncontrollable movements affecting the face, torso, and/or other body parts. TD may develop after a few months of taking certain medications (antipsychotics) to treat bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder.
The uncontrollable movements of TD can have a negative impact on those living with the condition. TD movements can also impact daily tasks such as eating, sleeping, drinking, and even leaving the house. 2,5 Acknowledging and recognizing the symptoms of TD are important to get the necessary support and potential treatment.
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Banner Image: NAMI NYC Together For Mental Health. Image Credit – NAMI NYC


NAMI NYC Staten Island

The families and members of NAMI NYC Staten Island are here to help! We offer understanding to anyone concerned about mental illnesses and the treatment of mental illness. NAMI is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education, and advocacy.

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