National “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Introduced In Congress. Commentary By Sarah McBride, Delaware Senator

Well, it’s happening. Republicans in Congress have introduced a national Don’t Say Gay bill, accusing Democrats and their “cultural allies” (a rude way to say LGBTQ folks) of trying to immerse children in “sexually explicit material.” Their bill would ban federal funds from going to schools and libraries that acknowledge that LGBTQ people exist to anyone under the age of 10.

Under this legislation, my book Tomorrow Will Be Different would be banned.

On my book tour I met parents and children across the country who said my story helped them understand each other better and feel truly known and loved. It’s a book about love, loss, and community. And it would be banned from schools and libraries.

I want to be clear: the GOP’s Don’t Say Gay bill and messaging strategy is a blatant attempt to further disgusting and false narratives correlating the LGBTQ community with sexual predators. The narrative alone, whether or not the bill is passed, will increase youth suicide rates.

If you’re able, will you please join me in donating to The Trevor Project? They run a national suicide hotline focused on helping LGBTQ youth in crisis.

I’m sending all my love to our LGBTQ community at this time. We will not be erased.

Banner Image: LGBTQ Parade. Image Credit – Christian Lue


Sarah McBride

Sarah is Delaware’s Senator from the First State Senate District. She’s spent her life fighting for dignity, equality, and a level playing field for everyone – and now she’s taking that fight to Dover.


  • Avatar Kristen says:

    They want a Christian version of those places on Earth where they kill people for being gay.

    • Magnificent Zero Magnificent Zero says:

      …or different in any way.

      I am actually an Eastern Orthodox Christian, tho I am a Goth. I still go to church on Easter and Christmas and sometimes other times, but I totally hate when people try to use religion to get their way. I’ve already been judged on here. Why? My appearance. By whom? People saying they are Christian. We have very different ideas of what that means.

      • Avatar Anonymous Dude says:

        It’s an interesting debate. They say that exposing kids to trans people early in life can help avoid violence against trans people in future generations. I’m OK with that.

        Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut…now we see that there’s more to it: High cost pharma drugs, unnecessary surgeries, kids giving consent to change their apparent gender by chopping off a part of their body they aren’t even allowed to give consent to use!! NOT weird?!

        I don’t believe in the groomer myths. Still, it’s a big issue.

        I think tolerance is great. But this is going too far. Just another income stream for hospitals.

    • The Liar The Liar says:

      It’s a real stretch to say that not exposing kids to LGBT rhetoric and killing gays are anywhere near the same. Get real. I bet you vote Dem and worship Hillary and Obama.

      Do you want your kids having those evangelizing born again Christians visiting them in class to tell them to join their cult..err…church?! Of course not! So gays should not get a special pass, either. Schools = learning

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