BP Fossella Trying To Preserve Time Honored Thanksgiving Eve HS Basketball Tournament

Statement from Staten Island Borough President Vito J. Fossella on Thanksgiving Eve High School Basketball Tournament 

We recently learned that the Public School Athletic League will not give permission for a public school to play against another public school during the Staten Island High School Basketball League tournament which has happened on Thanksgiving Eve for decades.

This is a time-honored, small-town tradition and a crucial part of the high school basketball experience. I remember playing this game at least 40 years ago as a student at Msgr. Farrell. The memories and friendships made from this event are truly immeasurable. Many folks look forward to this event each year and therefore, we really see no reason for that to change. 

We are working with the key decision makers to highlight the importance of maintaining this nice tradition. Our hope is that a solution will be found soon so all high school basketball players can participate next week

Banner Image: Thanksgiving dinner. Image Credit – Spencer Davis

BP Vito Fossella

The Office of the Borough President has a responsibility to advocate for the entire Borough of Staten Island and all its residents, and represents the Borough's interests within City government. The Borough President communicates directly with the Mayor and the City Council to emphasize Staten Island’s budget priorities. In addition, the Borough President is responsible for reviewing major land use decisions and proposing sites for city facilities within the Borough. As the chair of the Borough Board, the Borough President leads Staten Island’s City Council delegation and Community Board chairs in the process of reviewing and approving the transfer of public properties to private use. The Borough President’s Office houses the Borough's Topographical Bureau, which maintains the borough’s official maps and assigns street addresses. The Borough President monitors the delivery of city services on Staten Island, and acts as a liaison between residents and city agencies when problems arise to devise solutions. The Borough President is also responsible for appointing one member to the Panel for Educational Policy and one member to the City Planning Commission, as well as some 150 members to Staten Island’s three community boards.

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  • Avatar Hope Uer Day Gets Better says:

    The Friday after Thanksgiving used to just be a BIG party nite! Anyone remember in the 90s all the clubs would be PACKED with college and even HS kids! THE BIGGEST PARTY NITE! Ahh, the memories. *sigh* Now I can say my weekly highlight was changing the house water filter. 😐

    We used to go to the Catholic school games, girls basketball. At Moore. Those kids, some were actually GOOD. It was shocking first game I saw.

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