Staten Island Redistricting Rally by Sam Pirozzolo

Sam Pirozzolo Wins Assembly District 63 Seat


The Assembly District 63 winner of the November 2022 race is none other than Sam Pirozzolo, a generational Islander well-known (and well-respected) around Staten Island for his concern for community issues.

Sam is an optician by profession and owns a small business in NYC related to this field of study.

He’s also the former president of Community Education Council 31, where he was crazily active, initiating a program to get cops to work as school resource officers, strongly pushed for a remediation of PCBs in classrooms, as well as initiating a Gifted and Talented program for Middle School students.

Sam has been working hard for years! As V.P. of the NYC Parent’s Union, Mr. Pirozzolo fought for charter school funding equity, as well as participated in litigation to help bring equity to all NYC students.

Staten Island Redistricting Rally by Sam Pirozzolo

Staten Island Redistricting Rally by Sam Pirozzolo

Soon-To-Be-Assemblyman Pirozzolo, a Republican (also repping the Conservative Party of Staten Island), garnered points over fifty percent of the over 36,000 votes cast by Staten Islanders in this November election cycle. He clenched the nomination in the Republican primary back in June. Sam had also run for city council in 2020.  Mr. Pirozzolo is the first Republican to win this seat since 1982, proving his widespread appeal to voters across demographic and party lines.

Sam’s lawn signs were direct and to-the-point: “Fed Up Like You.”

Apparently this message resonated with many Islanders, especially those moderate swing voters who enjoy the fruits of living in a more progressive and prosperous city, yet can’t stand the rising crime rate plaguing the city in recent times, nor the cost of living that is impossible to keep up with each month.  Gas prices, groceries, rent, and other monthly costs, have skyrocketed, and it’s affecting many families.

Sam is well known in all sections of the island, and has been a contributor at for years.

Many people in public spaces on the island, like the parks and supermarkets, talk about the subway shovings and slashings, and likely citizens throughout the city are saying the same thing. Why? Because it’s relevant if you’re a Staten Islander, or NYC  residents commuting into the Manhattan  daily, relying on a treacherous subway system and having to trek chaotic streets.  Subway crime in October, 2002, was up over thirty percent since last year.

Staten Island Redistricting Rally by Sam Pirozzolo

Staten Island Redistricting Rally by Sam Pirozzolo

Sam Pirozzolo’s message was well-received and people responded with their votes.

District 63 is comprised of the Northwestern portion of the island, all the way from Arlington and part of Mariner’s Harbor down to Rossville on its west side, and also covers the Greenbelt,  Willowbrook, and other Mid Island neighborhoods; Emerson Hill and parts of Todt Hill; a portion juts out into Grasmere and Tompkinsville on its East side border.

Sam Pirozzolo’s opponent in the race, longtime Islander Vincent Argenziano, was former chief of staff for Assembly member for Michael Cusick.  Currently, his title is Deputy Public Administrator of Richmond County. His father, as well as his brother, are NYPD service members. His mother is a teacher in NYC public schools.

Mr. Pirozzolo is surely an individual thinker, and not cut from a zombie mold. His website,, touts “Restoring Public Safety,” “An Animal Rights Agenda,” and “Putting Our Students First” as his main agendas. That’s a wide berth of diverse issues, and Sam is definitely not going to stop there.

Of course, judging from his past actions as a private citizen, Sam Pirozzolo is sure to exert as much help as he can for all members of the community in District 63 and beyond as an elected official.

Assemblyman Michael Cusick is leaving the position as current District 63 Assemblyman. Assemblyman Cusick helped protect wetlands and supported sensible development. Among his other accomplishments was enacting a law prohibiting protestors within 100 feet of military funerals.

Back in September, 2021, Sam Pirozzolo and other islanders protested in front of Assemblyman Cusick’s offices to protest the proposed (and rejected) redistricting plan stopped by the Courts, labeling the Democrats’ actions clear gerrymandering.

Sam became famous worldwide when a giant T for Trump art installation by Staten Island’s most prominent artist, patriotic visionary Scott LoBaido was set aflame in the night, situated right next to Mr. Pirozzolo’s Westerleigh home.

Then-President Trump even phone Mr. Pirozzolo afterwards. A larger replacement installation was quickly removed after Sam was fined for its presence on his property.

Last year, Sam again hosted Scott’s artwork on his lawn. This time, it was a giant “Let’s Go Brandon” sign.  When Staten Islander correspondents visited Sam for an interview, there was no way to miss the many cars rolling by honking.

As Scott Sips Some Water, His Paintbrushes Stand At The Ready

As Scott Sips Some Water, His Paintbrushes Stand At The Ready

Sam Pirozzolo has been involved in community affairs for years and years. Working in “People’s House,” it is fair to assume that with more clout as an elected official, Sam will be able to accomplish even more for his community.



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  • Avatar TIM says:


  • Avatar HECTOR says:

    F*****G A MAN!



  • Avatar Lazy Grandpa says:

    OK; first of all, congratulations to Sam Pirzollo [sic] (Editor’s Note: Correct spelling: PIROZZOLO) and his family. This is a great moment in your family’s history.

    Secondly, we are definitely lucky to have Sam in office! This man has been spending his time advocating for people! Have you?! Probably, you complain a lot and do very little. HAHAH

    I mean, why else would we be here, eating chips, waiting for the grandkids to call, just reading about other people actually doing something. I mean this Staten Islander is wonderful, but why does it stop thre?

    Did you even vote? I did not I admit it. Laziness? I guess so. Now I feel like I should have definitely made the effort. I relied on others to get the vote. And they are relying on guys like Sam who actually do stuff.

    Then we have guys like Sam, always doing his best. Always getting things done.

    How does the man have the time? I guess he spends his time doing good things for people? That’s a good example of a person.

    And a good Catholic. Not a hypocrite like soooo many others. You an tell a person by what they do and what they’re like.

    We are lucky for having Sam in office now. That I can tell you. He is not a sellout loser like so many others. Not even a politician. Just a guy who stands up when we need him to.

    At least I’m inspired. I don’t know if this means a life change but I’m inspired.

  • The Pope said that volunteering promotes a mindset of solidarity that combats the culture of confrontation that manifests itself in conflicts around the world.

  • Avatar dedicated says:

    Actually, not hard to be good— T Skal 🚵‍♂️ 🌍 (@SkalicanTony) November 14, 2022

  • Avatar Gordon Boseman, III says:

    Sam won? W**?! I saw ads incessantly on Youtube and elsewhere online for the other guy. The only thing I saw for Sam were the lawn signs that said Fed Up. And the articles on here at StatenIslander. That is truly incredible. The guy without the big backing gets into office. This can mean only good things. We have an advocate for everyone in office. We need more people like Sam in office for Staten Island elected. That is the only way. The entire city. The state. I like seeing the underdog win. Just shows you the people of SI are not stupid or asleep at the wheel.

    Oh and you can put money in hisd pocket too this is his website

    • Tom Tom from Tottenville Tom Tom from Tottenville says:

      Exactly. The ‘other guy’. I can’t remember his name either.

      I saw ads also. Didn’t leave a major impression.

      It’s great when we see politics working for the people.

      I know politics is complicated. But sometimes a decent guy just blows up the game.

  • Avatar Kelly Ventro says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Assemblyman Pirozzolo!

    You are doing all this as a moral person and not for selfish gain. You are a true hero.

    Kids, take a look at this guy. He not only runs a successful business and is his own boss, but he spends his time fighting our battles.

    At least you win a few…once in a while!!!

  • Magnificent Zero Magnificent Zero says:

    This article has so many commenters but these are all new people and not the usual people like me.

    Clearly, this is big news. I didn’t even realize.

    The comment section hasn’t been so active in a while.

    • Kristen Kristen says:

      Yeah, they posted a tweet and it drove some people to here, I am guessing. I am usually very active on Twitter, but not as of late, since it’s becoming a place I don’t necessarily want to be. I am a democrat. I would not vote for a conservative. I will say that this person does seem more reasonable than some others in their party and that much is clear. I am a cat lover, and I love all animals, so if he gets something done as far as animal advocacy, I think I would be appreciative, but I don’t think I would vote for him, all the same. I don’t like conservatives for other reasons, such as their take on women’s rights, inequity, and racism and reparations. Though if this article is true the candidate did work toward equity even as a conservative? Can’t say anything about that, I guess. I see how others more on the fence would have voted for him. Not me. It’s a matter of principal. I vote D down the line, baby! No progress without the progressive party! So for me, even a horrible democrat is better than even a good conservative. In terms of voting. In real life, I would rather have all politicians do their job and live in a city that works. With that said, I do see that people are individuals and appreciate that even some on the right have good ideas. Once in a while. My dad is a real republican and even he admits sometimes a dem has a good idea. And there are independents. Some are kooky. But really they only just take the votes away from the democrat contender. It’s actually a form of election tampering, if you could prove it’s a conspiracy among a group. For me to vote conservative means I really have been taken over by an alien! lol There’s just no way. OK, if Donald Trump ever ran as president. I’d vote a republcan into office just to beat him! lolz

      • The Liar The Liar says:

        Whew, that was a lot to digest. I hope Trump never runs for your sake, ma’am, because I think you’d pop a cylinder or two! lol

        (So this young lady will blindly follow her party where ever? Okaaaay…that sounds really…smart…)

        What about an animal rights republican versus a non-animal rights democrat? Would you still vote against a republican even if it harms cats? Are cats even your priority?

        It’s okay to like cats, but listen to the stories of the cat lady and remember the rule about not taking in too many strays. I’ve seen it a few times. A house overrun by cats. Cats, cats, cats! Stink to high heaven! I think the cats hypnotize them or something to leave out meatloaf and milk. Makes no sense. Always what we used to call a spinster. Usually an older lady who voted democrat. And rode a bicycle. Lawn usually three feet high. Windows dirty.

        I get it. You want reparations. But what else? Abortion rights? One day the republicans might concede fair reparations. But never abortion rights. That’s a hard line.

        Though, of course, there’s always the matter of the details. I don’t think endangering the mother is good. Or forcing the woman to carry a child in instances of assault. So it isn’t just a yes/no issue.

        If you’re a hardliner, more power to you. We need people of all kinds to make this crazy country keep ticking. You’re not crazy for your views. You’re crazy when you’re married to them and can’t digest new info that breaks the view to pieces.

        • Avatar Kristen says:

          That is so misogynistic of you to make that stereotype about the so-called cat ladies. That’s just an urban myth, and you managed to put a woman-hating spin on it. Why? What’s your intention?

          Oh, and of course, disrespect for people suffering from mental illness. Great. Any more of your so-called jokes? I know you think you’re sooo funny on here. But you’re not.

          Anything else? Oh, that’s right. Ageism. As well as people who are biophiles. Wow. You hit so many bases with just one of your flat jokes.

          I can take in new info and I made my choice. In any case, you aren’t changing my mind with lame attempts at humor at other people’s expense.

          Women can be single. Everyone has their reasons. And those reasons are different. You really shouldn’t generalize like that.

          In any case, from everything I have now read, this candidate Sam P. is actually a decent person and has done some really good things for the community. If my Dad voted for him, I can’t say I have a problem with that. I wouldn’t ignore my father for that choice! lolz

          But what did –YOU- do? Anything? I’ll tell you one thing, I wouldn’t ever vote for -YOU- if you were running for SI forum clown. But you are clownish. I will give you that.

          • The Liar The Liar says:

            I. Am. Truly. Hurt. Some girl on a message board called me a name. Wah wah…I must be a snowflake. What else could explain it?

            Nah, I am OK.

            I’m not debating politics on here.

            As far as the cat lady stories: In the 80s my kids were playing softball and baseball at West Shore Little League. Right past the place, going toward Lake Ave, there was a shack with a lady and her 9000 cats. Just a single example.

            As far as my jokes…that’s all they were. I myself have mobility issues and have a handicap parking placard. I have had three cats at one time in the 90s, but that is my limit.

            You need to lighten up. Humor is just that. It isn’t an attempt to hurt someone. But look at what you said and how you said it. Can you say the same?

        • Avatar how vaccines save lives? says:

          …like how vaccines save lives?

        • Click on the link to go to the NY Post to read about a cat lady with 1000 cats who is not at all crazy.

          • island skipper island skipper says:

            She may not be crazy, but I wouldn’t want to sleep there! Way too much dander. I mean, ten HEPA filters wouldn’t be enough. How does she form a personal relationship with a thousand cats? I guess it’s doable, if the effort is there and she has the time to get it done.

      • Avatar Deb says:

        I am an independent and voted for Sam. His competitor in the race seemed like an okay guy but Sam seemed more qualified and more caring about Staten Islanders.

  • Avatar Staten Island Conservative Party says:

    The Staten Island Conservative Party is most proud to have supported Sam Pirozzolo from the very start in his succesful election to the State Assembly. His common sense approach to problem solving is much needed in Albany and his experience and qualifications will serve Staten Island well. Congratulations Assemblyman-Elect Pirozzolo!

  • Avatar Jerry the G says:


    When you learn new stuff, sometimes your worldview has to change. It just has to sometimes! Inevitably, this is the case, unless you’re freaking walking around asleep or something. I understand, Kristen, that you’re never going to wear cat fur. I can bet on it. But from there, I’m sure you have your own views and opinions, as far as cats go.

    Don’t be a freaking clone! Think for yourself. I’m not saying be a D or R!!! I mean in real life!!!

    Don’t follow the crowd so easily. You may end up more moderate, you may end up the other way. Who knows! But at least you thought your own thoughts and gave all sides a change to be heard.

  • Avatar One of your Westerleigh constituents says:

    Congratulations to you, Mr. Pirozzolo!!

    I am happy to know that a guy like you actually ended up winning an election! We need more people like you in politics! It isn’t about red or blue. I really care most about a man’s character, like Rev. Dr. MLK once said. There are plenty of RINOs and con-men out there in politics. There are some dems who are actually better representatives to their people, at least they listen.

    • Avatar Ari says:

      Well, if you are basing it on the idea that our elected REPRESENTATIVES represent the people’s wishes, firstly, then yes, I agree.

      My question: Why do Democrat people take the BS from their politicians? Why do Republicans take the BS from THEIR politicians?

      We should do like Israel and have a do-over every two years.

  • Avatar Odin's men says:

    “STUDENTS Misgendered Me So BAD I GOT PAID LEAVE” (Trans Human)

  • Avatar Pete in Annadale says:

    congratulations, Sam!

  • Avatar Gregory (in your district) says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Pirozollo.

  • Avatar Socrates says:

    I am an Independent. I will never join the Dem or Rep parties. Or any parties for that matter. I am a free thinker and it’s not likely any party is going to come along and represent all of my views. But it is nice when a D or R does represent at least some of my views.

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