Add Your Loved One’s Name On Circulating Books In New York Public Library Collection This Holiday Season


Each holiday season, we offer library supporters the opportunity to add a loved one’s name to a volume in The New York Public Library’s vast circulating collection. The dedicated book can then be checked out by any patron, in any of our locations across the city. Our book dedication program lets both you and your friend or family member help the Library remain a place for community and refuge, for learning and knowledge, and for reading and discovery.

Today, we’re opening up our limited holiday book dedications. Purchase a holiday bookplate now at the discounted price of $35 and give the perfect gift to someone special in your life. When you do, you’ll also be giving the gift of literacy to New York City.

Every year, the Library provides essential and vital programming and resources—including access to millions of books, e-books, and audiobooks—to patrons across the city and visitors from around the world, completely free of charge. This holiday season, remind a fellow reader, New Yorker, or lover of learning how remarkable libraries really are—and make them a part of NYPL history.

Purchase a bookplate now, while it’s only $35. We’ll send your loved one a copy of your personalized message, letting them know that their name is now inscribed in the history of The New York Public Library.

Banner Image: NYPL Bookplate. Image Credit – NYPL


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