DA McMahon Awards Asst. DA Jeffrey Curiale With Prestigious 2022 Thomas E. Dewey Medal


Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Curiale, Chief of the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office Investigations Division Awarded with the Prestigious 2022 Thomas E. Dewey Medal

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Curiale, who currently serves as Chief of the Staten Island District Attorney’s Investigations Division, received the Thomas E. Dewey Medal from the New York City Bar Association at their annual award ceremony this past Monday. The award is given to honor an outstanding prosecutor from each of the five boroughs in the name of Thomas E. Dewey, the former Manhattan District Attorney.

ADA Curiale has proudly served the people of Staten Island as an Assistant District Attorney since 2003 and in the years since, has held a multitude of leadership positions at the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office over multiple administrations.

Under thenDistrict Attorney Daniel Donovan, ADA Curiale served as the Deputy Bureau Chief and then
Acting Bureau Chief of our Criminal Court Bureau from May 2012 through May 2015.

In January of 2017, District Attorney Michael E. McMahon formed a dedicated Economic Crimes Unit and named the career prosecutor to head the unit. Investigating and prosecuting white-collar financial crime, civil forfeiture cases, and federal and City housing fraud cases, District Attorney McMahon upgraded the newly formed unit within just one year to a fullfledged bureau and put Mr. Curiale at the helm naming him Chief of the Economic Crimes Bureau.

“The number of economic crimes, especially computer-related has skyrocketed in recent years and ADA Curiale has successfully sought justice on behalf of countless Staten Islanders who have been victimized for almost two decades.

From prosecuting tax evasion, scams, and embezzlement to successfully holding those who commit unemployment and workers compensation fraud accountable, this career public servant has a longstanding track record of prosecutorial excellence, and I could not be more proud nor think of a more deserving recipient of the 2022 Thomas E. Dewey Medal.” said District Attorney Michael E. McMahon.

Curiale was joined by his wife Tatyana, as well as Chief Assistant District Attorney Tim Koller, Executive ADA for Investigations Thomas Ridges, and many of his RCDA colleagues from the Economic Crimes Bureau and beyond.

“Being a prosecutor 20 years later is still as exciting and rewarding as it was my first year. This is the most important work an attorney can do. I thank District Attorney McMahon for giving me this opportunity, I thank my parents who gave me the foundation and resources to become an attorney, and most of all, I thank my wife Tatyana and my children Marcus and Arya who make sacrifices every day so I can fulfill my service the people of Staten Island.” said Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Curiale.

Banner Image: Award ceremony participants. All Images Credit – DA Michael E. McMahon


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