Actress Despina Mirou Is The New Marilyn Monroe, Walking NYC Streets Stopping Traffic, Tourist Cameras Flashing



Despina Mirou, the genius actress, comedian, and astronomer continues her unstoppable Hollywood successful career. Only recently she played Marilyn Monroe!

She is already famous for her beauty, her high IQ, and her humanity. She is already the talk of the town in Hollywood about her philanthropy: about homeless (money of her comedy shows offered to them), also she helps children with autism. Despina while looking you straight with her cat-eyes, “I want to offer to humanity what I can. I am more than an actress. I am an artist who uses her art to aid others, like Hebron! I ‘m dreaming to ending my life helping children in Africa. That’s my final goal!”

Now Despina captures Marilyn’s glamor, humanity, and vulnerability. There’s something chilling, when Despina walks in New York streets as Monroe and the cars stop, people and tourists stop to take photos of her! At the same time Despina as a product of Method Acting, was so deep in the character of Marilyn. Despina took care of the details of the outfits, hair, makeup and was so spot on.

Her performance as Marilyn in the biggest clubs of New York and Hollywood made a significant mark in her career. In recent years she has appeared many times live in stand-up shows playing the big star. Her second appearance as Marilyn is included in the new Hollywood star calendar 2022, and now in a new American film playing in the cinemas.

In 2020 the famous beauty Despina portrayed Liz Taylor in the film “Affairs of Capri“; in 2021 she nailed Sophia Loren’s character in the British film “So long Marianne”, and then gave us her amazing version of Marilyn. Mirou is an incredibly gifted and talented actress who this year appeared in the Oscars 2022, with the film “Tango Shalom”, playing next to Laine Kazan and Renee Taylor.

For that the same film she showed up as a Greek Goddess at the Cannes film Festival 2022, with the nominated film “Crimes of the Future”, which she directed with the legendary David Cronenberg. In that project she played next to Vigo Mortensen. She was the only Greek woman who managed to walk the red carpet of the biggest European festival with two American films, a David Cronenberg drama, and the comedy “Tango Shalom”.

Despina Mirou In Crimes of the Future. Image Credit - Nick Christophers

Despina Mirou In Crimes of the Future. Image Credit – Nick Christophers

With her appearance on the red carpet the rhinestones from her dress started to sparkle, and the photographers were impressed by her presence and her change in terms of performances. It triggered a rain of proposals during the Cannes festival. Great directors like Guillermo Del Toro and other legends showed interest in her.

Her comedy Hollywood Iconic Stars Calendar 2023 is sold out already. So far, she has managed to do thirty-seven celebrity impersonations of men and women.

After all her successful eight years in the USA, she has received 49 awards and a scholarship in Astronomy.

She became the muse for many huge directors like the late Peter Bogdanovich who discovered her, even to her acting teachers John Strasberg and Al Pacino.

All these eight years she studied nonstop: English, directing, acting, and Astronomy. This is not excluding her daily auditions and stand-up sessions. Her European theatrical background includes Chekhov, Shakespeare, Eduard Alby, Tennessee Williams etc.! An Oscar or Emmy is on the horizon for this multi-talented lady because she deserves it.

Banner Image: Despina Mirou as Marilyn Monroe. Image Credit – Nick Christophers


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